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a. How to Start a College Essay about YOURSELF?

A college essay is written to allow the admission board of a college to understand who you are as an individual. College application essays are perhaps the most important essays a student will write in his or her life. They determine your future. The basic problem that many students face when writing this college application essay is the start. There are many different ways you can start your essay.

  • Start from something very simple. This is one idea that has been successful in the past. Starting from a basic truth about yourself and then building up on it will definitely catch the attention of the reader. They will understand that you are not a person who wants to overwhelm the reader.
  • Another idea is to start with something new and interesting. Jump right to the part in your life that is the most exciting. This will grab the reader’s attention right from the start. They will know that you are someone who has lived a life full of exciting experiences and you want to share these with the college admission board. This shows confidence.
b. What Format Should Be Followed When Writing A College Application Essay?

You can follow any format you like if it is not specified in the instructions given to you by the college. In some colleges, you will see that everything is very clearly specified. You have to keep to a certain word limit and should have a certain number of paragraphs. However, in many colleges they have left it up to you to decide the best course of action. You can either have three paragraphs or add a further two. You can start in any way you think is best. Just make sure your essay is a bit formal. Use appropriate language and do not try to be someone you are not. The format will come to you naturally once you know what you are going to write on and you have all your ideas together.

Another thing you can do to check the format of your essay is to see if it is in accordance with the previous essay samples. You can find these online. Go through them once and you will get a clear idea about what the college wants you to submit. It is always good to research first and then proceed to work.

c. Make Your College Application Essay A 100% Successful

Success cannot be determined beforehand. But if you know you have given it your all and have worked hard on your college application essay, then you should rest essay. You will be successful. Your college application essay will be the best. Before submitting it, get some experienced person to go through it and read it. This will eliminate any and all the errors and your work will be flawless. What most students do wrong is that they write the application essay at the last date. Do not do that. You should start well before the deadline so that by the time you have to submit it, you are not only done with it but have also gone through it five or six times.

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