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ChatGPT and Singapore Universities
How can Singapore’s universities deter AI-assisted cheating in the age of ChatGPT?

ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence-powered chatbot that can generate original and human-like essay answers for students. This technology has made it easier for cheaters to gain access to assignment solutions without having to do any real work.

In order to address this challenge, universities in Singapore are employing a number of strategies. For example, they are implementing computer monitoring software that can detect suspicious patterns during exams and assignments. Additionally, universities are utilising automated proctoring platforms to monitor students’ online activity during tests and flag any cheating attempts. Read More >>

Are Essay Writing Services Legal in Singapore?
How to Spot Fake Essay Writing Services in Singapore?

Essay writing services are becoming increasingly popular among undergraduate and postgraduate students in Singapore. But is using such services legal? Are you putting yourself at risk of academic misconduct when you seek help from such service providers?Various essay writing service companies negotiate the academic landscape in Singapore and offer their services, sometimes with limited information about their reliability or credentials, which has raised questions about their legality. Read More >>

5 Things You Need to Know Before Applying to Business School
Things You Need to Know Before Applying to Business School

Getting into business school is no easy task; in fact, it may well be one of the toughest things you do in your entire life. However, if you want to make it there are five things you need to know before applying; keep these simple instructions in mind and your trek to the bright future you deserve becomes a whole lot smoother. Read More >>

Topic Ideas by the Smart Assignment Writing

Are you stuck with your assignment writing? Alternatively, do you want inventive and original assignment ideas? Just follow the one who leads. Our smart assignment writing is the provider of exclusive custom assignment services where majority comes to buy assignment as per their standard and quality requirements. Read More >>

Causes of MBA Application Failure

Prior to submitting an application to any MBA program, prospective applicants should be aware of information that might not be obvious within the application itself. Read More >>

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What is Literature Review?

A literature review is deep root analysis about any particular topic, which has been accredited by scholars, or researchers of the concerning field of study. Read More >>

Why Most MBA Applicants, Never Get A Second Chance?

Prospective applicants for MBA Programs are required to demonstrate their value, prior academic history, and their potential for excellence in the MBA program throughout all phases of the application process. Read More >>

Write Winning MBA Application Essay?

What Admission Officers are Looking for in a Winning Application? Prospective MBA applicants face a number of difficult challenges prior to gaining acceptance or denial to their program of choice. Read More >>

Top MBA School in Singapore in 2020

If you are looking for a top MBA program in Singapore. Have a look on the top Business School in Singapore and get started. Read More >>

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