Singapore Nation Building – Sample Essay

Singapore Nation Building Essay


Singapore is a country located in the South-East Asia. It got independence in 1965 and has since developed into a country of great wealth and business. The approach it took to build its nation was the same as many other Asian countries. Most of the countries had been colonies in the past and their independence came when they were freed from the British rule. Of course there was a sense of freedom that was felt by the people but in general, they did not know what to do now that they had no rulers. There was no revolutionary fight and they pretty much continued with their way of life. It was the new governments that guided them. In Singapore, the political leaders had to formulate a whole new identity for the people so that they understood that things would be different now, that they were a nation united under the colors of white and red. Singapore’s history before independence was not a very rich one. And immediately after independence, it was noted that the country was full of Chinese and to implement the Chinese way of governing meant to face communism which was worse. The government was established, and new laws and rules came into being.


The nation building is dealt with in two ways now. The first one concerns the use of resources and other material items to run and control the country. The second one is concerned with the development of a joint identity for the individuals to make them united. They can relate more to the Singapore nation now rather than to their backgrounds or to their unique ethnicities. This approach to dealing with nation building has proven to be very successful because the people run the country. Without the people, there would be no nation. Brining the people together should be the aim of the government and the Singapore government recognized just that. The citizens feel protected and safe in their country now and know that they have and continue to play an important role in the success of the country. The government has introduced reforms which have increased foreign investment. This has made the economy stronger. People have a variety of jobs which they can do and most of the population is educated and skilled.


Singapore is country with a developed economy. What it needs now is to build its nation further by reducing the small racial issues. The problem of different religions can grow in the future and to safeguard each religion is the states job. The government should start working on ways to stop any ethnic issues from arising. Another problem that can affect the nation building in Singapore is the increasing amounts of immigrants. These immigrant people do not have any shared history with the locals and the language barrier can cause trouble. To overcome this issue, the government can establish special classes where the immigrants are taught the main language spoken in Singapore and the ways of the society.

Singapore’s Death Penalty – Sample Essay

Singapore’s Death Penalty Essay

Singapore became an independent country in 1965. Since then it has introduced many laws to make their country more stable and a safer place to live in. One of the laws is the death penalty. In between 1994 and 1999 Singapore had the highest per-capita execution rate in the world. Many people get confused when they hear this fact because to them Singapore is one of the most developed countries and a great tourist destination. In such countries one does not expect the execution rate to be this high. Normally most countries have finished the death penalty and give life in prison punishment to the criminals.

In Singapore under the death penalty, the following offenses are charged- waging or attempting to wage war against the Government, Offences against the President, Mutiny, Piracy that endangers life, Perjury that results in the execution of an innocent person, Murder, Encouragement or assistance in the suicide of a person under the age of 18 or an “insane” person, Attempted murder by a prisoner serving a life sentence, Kidnapping or abducting in order to murder, Robbery committed by five or more people that results in the death of a person, Drug trafficking and Unlawful discharge of firearms. These are very extreme offenses so it is no surprise that the people of Singapore still support the death penalty. It has made their country better in many ways. While the world suffers from drug abuse Singapore hardly ever reports a case where people died because of drug abuse. Singapore has a notorious standing in the world for having one of the lowest crime rates in the world. The death penalty should be given some credit in this. Executions are shown on the media and this is a lesson for the public. Another effect of the death penalty is that the criminal can never commit a crime again. This is insurance that the crime will remain low. Compared to countries where criminals commit severe crimes yet get to live and are released from jail, they get back to doing the same things. What was the use of giving them a mere punishment?

Another positive of the death penalty is that it broadcasts the subject of retribution. Many people frequently puzzle retribution with revenge. Revenge means imposing harm on the criminal out of resentment because of his actions. Retribution is the theory that the criminal ought to face a punishment appropriate with the seriousness of his offense. If Singapore removes the death penalty people will not think that the punishment being given is justified and so will want to deal with the matter in their own way. This will increase the crime rate as even the people who are not violent get mixed up in the crime. Singapore needs to be an example for the rest of the world and should be organized and prepared. The strict laws keep it together and the peace that Singapore is so popular for, is maintained just because of these laws.

Singapore Population – Sample Essay

Singapore Population Essay


Singapore got independence from Malaysia is 1965. At the time its population was around 1.8 million. Most of the people were not educated and were merely farmers of laborers. Since then Singapore has come a long way. Being one of the most developed countries of the world it has now reached a population of 5.5 million. This total population is the combination of the nationals and residents of Singapore and the foreigners who are living in the country for work purposes and/or studying. When separated we can see that nearly 3.9 million people are citizens while 1.6 are non-citizens. The norm age of the occupant inhabitants has been progressively rising in the past years and has reached 39.6 years in 2015. Residents aged 65 years and above make up 11.8 percent of the resident population in 2015. This is a boost from 11.2 percent in 2014. The ethnic composition shows that there are about 74.3 per cent Chinese, whereas Malays are 13.3 per cent and Indians form about 9.1 percent of the resident population.

Reasons for the Explained Population Structure

The main reason for the increased population of Singapore was that the working force was quickly lessening. The people who were babies at the time of partition and after it are now in their late years. The need for a young, strong working force arose. More middle-aged people were required to take over the tasks done by the elders. Singapore faced a problem of low birth rates. This had to be overcome, and so more immigrants were invited to take over certain jobs and add to the economy. These immigrants are not included in the resident’s population because they are not citizens. But without them, the country would not be able to function properly. Many Asian countries have improved their trading styles and have developed their economies. Soon, they will be in competition with Singapore and for that the population had/has to be grown. This can present a very big problem for the government but if the steady increase in population is continued then the problem can be contained.

Future of the Population of Singapore

The government aims to increase the population to 6.9 million by the year 2030. This will include immigrants as well. The citizens of Singapore needed to be addressed and explained the consequences of having more immigrants and fewer residents. If they realize the important of producing more babies and bringing them up in a well educated and healthy environment they will work towards achieving the goals the government has set for them. The government is working towards better health facilities for all and good housing options too. Seeing these incentives, people might consider having large families. People must understand the disadvantages of having an aging population. With an economy like Singapore’s, you need more labor as production is labor-intensive and not capital intensive. The government is introducing reforms to shift the productions to capital intensive. This might help in stabilizing production in the short run.

Singapore Food – Sample Essay

Essay on Singapore Food

Different Cultures, Different Food

Singapore is a country which became everything from basically nothing. It was just a small trading port, but now it is an island which is one of the top tourist destinations of the world. The cultural multiplicity played a very important part in its development and growth. There are many different people of various nationalities living together and mixing their traditions to make the country one nation. The food of Singapore is one of the main features which show just how many different individuals live together. People belonging from the Chinese background, Indian background, Malay background and other western areas have their own foods but the values are the same. Everyone is treated with honor and dignity and no one is targeted for their tastes our styles. Food is not just for eating. It is also an international symbol for diversity with peace and freedom with unity. This symbolization of food in Singapore makes it a welcoming country and so people often visit this Lion City to have a good time.

Flavors and Styles

The method, taste and essence of preparing food are unique in Singapore. Every culture has its own way of cooking this food. The ingredients used also differ from each other and lastly the way this food is prepared is very different for each culture. Surveys have shown that people love trying all the different dishes offered in Singapore. Each of them has its own set of positives and every flavor is one that should be experienced. In the Indian restaurants you will find spicy and hot foods. While in the Chinese places you can get a variety of the typical Chinese dishes. Sweet foods of Singapore are also very popular around the world. It is worth mentioning that Singaporean food is one of the most discussed foods on the internet. People who try it for the first time blog about its flavor and aroma. Food brings the community together. It eliminates any racial differences and gives a chance to the individuals to actually learn about the different cultures.

Food and Economy

Singaporean food has played a major part in the economy of the country. Not only in the fact that half of the tourist population is attracted to the country just because of the exceptional food but also in the fact that many Multi-national food chains have invested in the country because of its diversity. Consuming food is an essential requirement. The government has been working on ways to reduce the cost of production of this food so that general public can afford it too. Every citizen should get an opportunity to taste the different flavors of their country. The government should be praised here because it offers many discounts and vouchers to the people who are not financially strong. The government believes that food is one thing that should not be denied to anybody. However in the future, the government must come up with ways like subsidizing the food production and reducing the indirect taxes on certain food items so that the prices do not keep on increasing.

Essay on Singapore in the Future

Singapore in the Future

Singapore the Success Story

Singapore gained independence in 1965. For most historians, fifty years are not enough to achieve what Singapore as a nation has achieved. It is one of the best tourist destinations and is a famous business hub for all local and international markets. It has gained substantial economic success and should be praised for its outstanding growth. It is one of the few countries of the world which offers free trade opportunities. Joining organizations and being an active member of the Commonwealth, Singapore welcomes people of all countries to visit and learn in their country. The importance of Asia has increased in the past years and this has augmented the opportunities for Singapore as its location is in main South-East Asia. This has increased jobs in Singapore and hence increased the GDP in the last few years.


The increased competition has created some problems for Singapore as well which would have to be solved in the future. For example, the planned Dawei Port Development Project in Myanmar offers a cost-efficient profitable entry to Asia, sinking reliance on the crowded Straits of Malacca. This can grind down Singapore’s relative benefit in harbor expansion, ensuring monetary damage. Furthermore, globalization has formed better variety inside the society and led to new communal confrontations for Singapore. Singapore’s level of economic growth is waning so it must look further than its coast to take advantage of latest prospects to maintain its expansion. With an incomplete domestic market, there is a superior necessitate for dual lawmaking actions in public-private firms and creating more Free Trade Agreements and Investment Guarantee Agreements with rising markets to continue its profitable expansion. Another challenge that the government of Singapore is facing is that of increasing pollution and environmental damage. Singapore is a country which has a huge rainforest. The government has made laws and rules to protect the animals and plants that are living in the rain forest. As Singapore is developing its industry, pollution is also increasing which is affecting the habitat. This challenge needs to be addressed immediately.


In Singapore’s assorted culture there is a greater need to counterfeit stronger society ties. This can be accomplished through volunteerism, which has been rising in Singapore. People realize the importance of this and about one-third of the residents spend their time helping communities. The Singapore government must, therefore, seize the opportunity to improve the Community Integration Fund, give confidence to organizations to lead community projects and work mutually to create a joint consideration amid members of society. Singapore should look to construct incorporated work-live places. For example, more exertion could be conducted to enlarge housing hubs such as the Tampines Fringe hub, as they put together housing offices with trading shopping malls. Focus should also be shifted to improving the education being provided. Young graduates are looking for jobs which if provided can improve the GDP immediately. Singapore is working hard and will produce excellent results like it has been in the past.

Essay on Singapore Education System

Education as the Basis of Society

Education is very important for any society. The country of Singapore recognized this importance right after it gained independence in the 1960’s. It became one of the pillars of the society and led them to success and prosperity. Singapore is an island and so they do not have as many opportunities as other countries regarding natural resources. The one benefit they do have is the hard working people that reside in the area. The people are not only hard working; they are also very kind and honest. They take education seriously as they know how their forefathers struggled to bring the country to where it is today. Over the years the quality of education being provided has only improved. The schools and colleges are highly competitive and have made way in the international market for schools. The world has come to recognize Singapore as a place where one can get the top education while also experiencing living in a multi-cultural environment. The government of Singapore should be praised for this development as they have introduced reforms which make the education better. Funds are provided by the government to both public and private schools. These vary in amount but a strict check is kept upon the usage of these funds so they are never misused.


Singapore is a country which has people of different nationalities living there. The cultures and backgrounds of people differ regarding where they actually migrated from. The language and religious beliefs of the people are also different. Seeing all the differences, it was hard to finalize a curriculum for the entire population to follow in schools and colleges. As English was declared the national language, the medium of education was also declared to be English. In addition to learning English students are also taught in Malay, Mandarin or Tamil. Singapore is especially noted for its high standard teaching of Math and Sciences. It is ranked first across 140 countries in these subjects. Children with special needs are also catered for and they all have a safe environment to learn in. The foreign system schools are also kept under the check of the government and made sure that their standard is kept in line with the other schools. Homeschooling is also done but is not encouraged because at school level children should get the exposure of meeting and interacting with new people.


Singapore is probably most popular for its high quality university education. Over the years it has developed into an international hub where international students come to gain knowledge. Singapore at present has five independent universities. They are the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Singapore Institute of Technology. A graduate medical school, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore, was also established through a joint venture between Duke University School of Medicine and NUS to boost Singapore’s aptitude to expand a lively biomedical center.

Essay on Singapore Culture

Singapore, the Lion City

Singapore gained independence from Malaysia in 1965. It is an island located in the South-East Asia. A beautiful country which has developed at a fast pace, Singapore is one of the top tourist destinations. Singapore is a hub of different ethnicities and cultures. The people all live together under one flag and under one government. Singapore is successfully a multilingual state. Even though English is the official language of Singapore, there are many other languages used in the country. This one point shows how diverse the society of Singapore is. When Singapore was officially recognized as a separate nation on the world map, the people living there were not educated enough to compete at the international level. This is why the communication gap between the old and the young is very broad because the youngsters got top education and learned to speak English whereas the old did not get to learn as much. Singapore is perhaps the only country where more than 20 languages are spoken and recognized.

The different Ethnicities

From modest fishermen to world-class businessmen, the country of Singapore is a varied collection of cultures that join into an exclusive and interesting enriching mix. The country bears a miscellaneous legacy from Malaysia, China, India and Europe. This mixture has resulted in the formation of an amazing blend of customs and ways of life that highlight Singapore as one of the most tempting vacationer places in the Asia Pacific. Being a mixture of different ethnicities, Singapore is a country with no boundaries. This makes Singapore more attractive because you get to witness so many different lifestyles all in one place. Kampong Glam, Little India, and Chinatown are some of the distinguished regions that are a proof to Singapore’s multicolored artistic environment. The general public thinks of them as one big nation made up of several small nations. Singapore’s culture is marked as one of the richest cultures of the world. Not only in the monetary terms but also because it promotes lessons of tranquility, righteousness, and communal and spiritual synchronization. Cleanliness is a very important part of the society and equality for all is also encouraged. Everyone is treated fairly and life as a whole is taken as a gift.

Special Features of the Singapore Culture

Singapore is also famous for its special cuisine. The home beloved is a salad dish called Rojak. It is made with a variety of ingredients. These include tastes picked from different cultures which are then covered with a characteristic Singaporean peanut sauce. Other famous candidates are Bak kut teh, Nasi lemak and Satay. In general, Singaporean cuisine presents Indian, Chinese, French, Thai, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian and Fusion food with an elevated pressure of seafood.

Many people wonder why Singapore is a country depicted with peace. This is because the Singaporean public follows a range of religions according to their tribal connection. Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists as well as people of other orders live together happily.

Governance in Singapore Model Essay

Governance in Singapore Model Essay


Singapore is a relatively small country which got independence in 1965. Being newly formed, it has done well for itself and has not made mistakes which have affected its economy in any way. The main contribution to this success is that of good governance in Singapore. Singapore has faced all the new challenges because its leaders have been hard working and cooperative. There are many different reasons as to why the governance of Singapore has excelled. One of the key factors to good governance is to foresee the needed amendments and stay up to date with everything that is going on in your country. The decisions that a government takes have to be long term and stable. The plans and policies that are being introduced should judge future consequences and should deal with them. A good leadership will never wait for a disaster to arrive to work on its solution. A good leadership would think of plans to stop the disaster from arriving in the first place. Another significant standard of fine authority is to guarantee that everyone is given equal right and no one is left without opportunities to excel. Singapore governance has made sure that countless opportunities are available for all citizens and that they play a vital role in the decision-making process of the country. These steps taken by the government have encouraged the people to work harder and increase the love for their country.

Examples of Good Governance in Singapore

NEWater was initiated in Singapore ahead of time and before the termination of the agreement between Singapore and Malaysia. This was a very good step as it let the Singaporeans to be free autonomous in obtaining new water supply. This in turn made certain that Singapore was not left defenseless to adjustment in other countries. By following these steps and this style of governance, Singapore will be able to compete in the international market.

In 2004, the government of Singapore conferred with the people on the subject of building a casino as part of the incorporated resort. The people responded according to what they thought was best. The government listened to the views and clarified the concerns that people had. This increased the popularity of the leaders and the Singaporeans felt a sense of belonging.

Future of Governance in Singapore

Before taking any significant steps a good government must realize the need for the country as a whole. The Singapore government has worked hard and is at a stage when they need to consider all factors before taking a significant step. Can they accept new projects and face the challenges of for example environmental concerns? To ensure economic development changes need to be anticipated and growth needs to be sustainable. The world is facing challenges of pollution and a recession is hitting the economies. In these circumstances, the Singapore government must think of the world population while also keeping their nationals safe and protected.

Singapore Healthcare Essay – Sample Essay

Singapore Healthcare Essay

When it comes to deciding about the healthcare provision in any country, the first and the foremost thing that comes to mind is who is responsible for managing it? An individual, the government or the society?
In Singapore, every individual plays a significant role in the administration of healthcare as self-sufficiency has turned out to be more significant due to the changing health services aiming to meet the growing demands of the elderly population. People have started to adopt a healthy lifestyle to counter the growing cost of health services. They tend to indulge in regular exercises and are encouraged to go to health screening programs so that diseases can be detected earlier. Therefore, regular exercise and healthy eating habits are strongly encouraged in Singapore.

The government also plays an imperative part in running health-related facilities in Singapore. It has introduced a system of co-payment in which people pay a fraction of the total charge through the Medisave and Medishield system while the government pays the remainder. These and such other subsidies are an important part of government spending on healthcare services.

The society is another essential part of managing healthcare in Singapore. Charity organizations work by the grants given to them to run public hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.

However, a major concern when it comes to the provision of healthcare in Singapore is the ever rising costs. The people of Singapore believe that this is mainly attributed to the aging population and their enlarged exposure to health issues and diseases. This has led to more medicinal checkups. This in turn has led to a significant increase in the cost of providing medical and health care services. An additional reason that a large majority of people give for the rising in medical costs is inflation. Inflation is a generalized increase in the prices of goods and services of a country for a given period, usually one year. When this happens, the costs of health care tend to rise. This is mainly because of the increased wages paid to the workforce working in the healthcare sector and related industries. This leads to the costs of medication, drugs, health insurance services and the doctor’s fee to increase significantly.

Singapore’s focus on the philosophy that avoidance is better than treatment helps them to manage the problem of rising healthcare costs. The government encourages its population to lessen their requirement of searching for medical support and therefore decreasing the expenditure on such services by a very large amount.

However, with increasing pressures of this fast paced world and the birth of problems like the stress of supporting and keeping a family, people have started to become ill such that doctors are not able to identify the cause of their sickness. Therefore, Singapore needs to work on and develop strategies to counter such non-health problems to reduce the extra expenditure and further assist its growing population.

Singapore Holiday Essay – Sample Essay

Singapore Holiday Essay

The Beauty of Singapore

I am sure many of you have heard about the island of Singapore. A country which achieved independence in 1965 and has certainly come a long way from there. It is one of the most famous countries of South Asia and is ranked at high levels in the world. As a nation it is not very big. It is a small island and is known as the Lion City. It lies in the South West of Malaysia (the country it got independence from). Singapore’s beauty is unmatched. It is popular as a trade centre and has many famous business centers located here. But it is not just famous as an industrial place. The Tiger Balm Garden, the Botanical Gardens, and Raffles Museum are some of the most gorgeous places of the country. Apart from its sightseeing beauty, Singapore also has some of the best educational institutions that you can visit. These are the University of Singapore, Science Centre, the Nanyang University and the Polytechnic. Singapore is a hub of different cultures and people of various backgrounds live there. The airports and harbors are a sight of their own.

Interesting Places to Visit

If you got to Singapore, you must be ready and set for a lot of walking and sightseeing. You must pack your joggers as they will be needed. Starting with the Tiger Balm Garden- a place unlike any other you get to see. It has statues of people, animals and other weird yet wonderful creatures. They are created gorgeously and well kept. The special thing about this place is that it has a sea view. You can go to the sea and have a nice little picnic. People mostly plan to spend their whole day here and enjoy every minute of it. You can get a proper Singaporean experience here. Next, we have the Raffles Museum. It is a very grand museum and offers a full educational tour of the state. The items preserved entertain both the young and the old. You can learn a lot about the history of the region while also examine the modern touch the architects have given to the place. Visiting the harbors gives you a more natural experience and refreshes a person. You get to see the traditional natives of the country at work. Talking and interacting with them gives you a sense of realism. The people are very kind and nice to talk to and learn from.

Night Life in Singapore

If you talk about the nightlife in Singapore you get to see the real party. The city which runs in an orderly fashion and has a more practical approach to life suddenly gets a laidback feel to it. You can go to the many nightclubs and bars which open after the sun sets. Businessmen, students, visitors and tourists all come together under the roofs of the clubs to have a good time. The view is great and you get to enjoy the night lights of the city.