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Assignment Writing Structure in Singapore:

Assignment writing is different kind of writing that encompasses the number of structures and formats, which are used to make paper attractive. All these structures and formats depend upon the subject and topic of assignment and on tutor’s instructions. In some cases, the lecturer will give the students a set of guidelines that they have to use while writing certain paper. This guideline makes whole assignment writing approach bit easier because the overall research is based on it. Therefore, proper assignment structure has to be followed when addressing the topic or delivering the answer to a given question of assignment. By undertaking this concern of students at all educational level, here are some influential tips, which assist all scholarly students while structuring their final paper:

Title of Your Paper
It should be attractive, effective, and consisted of main assignment keywords because it plays major role in attracting the readers.

Table of Content
It usually requires in lengthy assignments and used as a guide for reader to navigate on desired page. If you include this, it should consist of heading, sub-heading and accurate page number.

It is an optional part of paper that is usually used in lengthy assignments such as thesis or dissertation. If it is a part of your paper you have to include names of contributors, and summary of contribution like financial support or supervisory.

Executive Summary
It is usually included in report type assignment and acts as a guide for reader because it highlights major part of the reports such as problem statement, solution, conclusion or recommendations. Therefore, while writing, you must put your consideration toward its elements.

Abstract or Synopsis
The elements and purpose of abstract is similar to executive summary. The only difference is that abstract can be used in every type of assignment such as essay or research paper.

It is a kind of long paragraph, which demonstrates the overall main points of an assignment including problem statement. Thus, it must consist of study background, purpose, report structure, and outline.

The body part of an assignment should be according to the requirement of assignment because in every type of assignment, its structure is different from each other.

Your conclusion should be a sum of overall paper since it consists of summary of the paper, brief about provided solution, outcomes obtained from study, and appropriate recommendation.

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