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Education is getting tougher day by day and competition is increasing at a fast pace. Students have a lot going on in their lives and writing an assignments is just another burden that they have to face. Often professors question students as to why they find assignments so tough? Well, the answer is that with high tuition fees and even higher living costs, students have to work part-time after school and college to fill in the finances. This takes up most of their free time and hence they cannot do their assignments. Even if they somehow manage to finish school work, the assignments are not up to the mark and this leaves them more depressed than ever. That is why we are here to save the assignment worries. Students cannot afford to lack behind in their studies. With all they have achieved and have the potential of achieving, they just need a little support from expert writers who can fulfill their daily writing needs. Our platform provides just this. We are an online writing company that aims to give the best assignment help to students of Singapore.

We Deliver Work on Time:

One of the top and most appreciated features of our prompt and on-time online writing help is that we are never late in delivering work to our clients. Students have deadlines that they have to meet in any means and we understand this. We are here to reduce their tension and let them focus on other things. We have built a relationship of trust with our clients as we have never let them down. Our assignment writers are given the deadlines and it is with immense pride that you will admit that all our work is delivered before the actual deadline to the client. In this way, they can check the work and proofread it by own. Once they have gone through each and every word and sentences and are completely satisfied do we declare the assignment as complete. Our clients have never complained about late work. Trust us, we will never disappoint you.

Online Assignment Help Available all Day Every Day: Any deadline Accepted:

We are available to answer any and all type of queries. You can contact us at any time of the day and we will answer as soon as possible. Our 24/7 online support is live to improve our system significantly as clients can contact and clear any and all types of confusion that they have.
We have a special management team that takes care of all questions that clients ask. Make sure to drop by a message via email, phone or live chat. Do not be hesitant to contact us.

Expert Writers for Expert Writing:

One thing that you can be sure about is that all your assignments will only be done by professional writer. We hire not only on the basis of knowledge, experience and the ability to write in a creative way, but they also quality and Master or Phd Degree holder on their fields from reputed universities from around the world. We check their references and credentials before hiring them. Most of the time we also take a standardized test from our writers before hiring so that they can prove their ability to write. All this is done to ensure that our clients only get the best the market has to offer. What makes us unique is the fact that we have separate writers for each subject and are always on the lookout for more experts. The more the better as workload can be divided and no one person is burdened.

Any Subject, any Topic

We are not only limited to writing on any one subject or for any one type of level. Whether you are in school or have started college or are about to finish college or university, we can write for you. Our writers have the expertise to write for different levels. In Singapore, we have many subjects being offered at the various educational institutions.

From students doing business studies or art or sociology student or even medical, earning a degree in the field of education is tough, we can offer you all sort writing help in all the courses in writing essays, thesis, research papers, coursework and dissertation. So now if you have an assignment related to psychology, do not be worried. Our expert writer will get your work done in your time-frame.

Say NO to Plagiarism:

The work that we do is unique, creative and 100% non-plagiarized. It is not copied from anywhere. Our writers provide plagiarism free assignments writing help, hence, we never get any complaint from any client for been copied. We have a whole process of checking our assignments before sending them to the client. This includes getting them proofread by our senior administration members, editing them and then passing them through a plagiarism detecting software i.e., Turnitin. This software is very reliable and custom build according to the need of our company. It detects even the slightest of copied work and gives an error. We have strict policies against plagiarism and do not tolerate it at any cost. We deliver only customized and original assignments. If for any reason a client is not satisfied, we write for them all over again until their need is met.

Lowest Possible Prices:

We want to build a relationship of trust with our clients. This can only happen if we keep our prices as they are being charged in the market, right? Well, we do not do that. In fact, we keep our prices below that which are being charged in the market. We can guarantee that you will not find any price lower than ours with the kind of quality that we are providing. If you are looking for the best quality academic writing help at the cheapest rate, then you have come to the right place. We have special discount offers for students according to the work they need to be done and we also like to help those who cannot afford expensive writing help. We place your need before ours and take pleasure in the fact that we are helping you get the most important thing in today’s world- education.

How to Write a Good Essay?

Tips : How to Write a Good Essay?

Writing an essay is not as horrifying as most people think it is. It is actually a really simple task that can be done if you are in the right mindset for it. From a young age we are taught how to write an excellent essay. But what we do not know is what should a good essay comprise of? Should it be filled with high-level vocabulary that you need to rote learn from the dictionary? Or should it contain exactly three paragraphs so that it looks more presentable and visible? Knowing the answer to these questions is important, but it is not necessary. A good essay can be anything that presents the main idea of the topic in a beautiful and concise way. You have to know what you are writing about. Essays can be very tough if you are confused about the topic or have not done your research. Most people find essay writing annoying and lengthy but the truth is it can be made easier if you do not waste time. When the deadline is near and you have no time to gather your thoughts and put them on a piece of paper, you will definitely not like essay writing. You are not a super human who can magically finish the school assignment or a college paper. You need to plan things ahead and then follow your plan. Do not be lazy, do not be hasty.

The question under discussion today is how to write a good essay? There are certain points that you must keep in mind to achieve this. We have explained to you these points in detail below. Follow them and you will feel the difference in your essay.

Plan your Essay:

As we have mentioned earlier as well, planning your whole essay beforehand is a major way to writing a good one. But for this, you need time and patience. Just sit down, relax and get a paper and pen. Now write down all the points that come to your mind related to the topic. These can be any random thoughts. They do not have to be precise yet. When you are sure you have listed down all the points, start going through them one by one. Is the point relevant to your topic or is it going off topic? If it is way off topic, then cut it out. Simple. Do not over think it. Go through all the points like this and get a final set of the needed points. There is no set number as to how many points should be on your list. Sometimes four or five points are covering your whole essay while other times you need to have at least ten points to reach a suitable conclusion. This all depends on the topic and the length needed for the essay. After jotting and finalizing the points comes the stage where you have to estimate the time that is needed to finish your whole essay. This estimation of the time is very important because you will have an idea about when you should start the essay so that it completes in time for submission. You should also keep in mind that your brain needs to be refreshed so do not overwork it. Give yourself tiny breaks where you get up, walk around the room, get a little something to eat and then start work again. Do include the time of the breaks when you are estimating the time the whole essay will take to complete.

Research is the Key Factor in Writing:

After you have finalized the points that you must include in your essay; research on them. Research is essential to obtaining detailed information about the points. Just points are not enough to get you a good essay. The research will give you the evidence needed to support your points. This evidence can make a significant difference between a good essay and an average essay. Most students get confused about sources they should use for this research. There are many different types of sources that can give you the data that you are looking for. From newspapers to journals and blogs, all platforms will give you at least something useful. The thing to remember here is that you do not have to waste time on this research. Start by gathering information from one source only. Take the internet for example. You can easily find tons of information on any topic here. If you want to look for something more traditional, you can always visit the library and get original work of famous authors and use it. Make sure that whatever sources you use are reliable and authentic. We love the internet but let’s face it, not everything that is posted on the internet is true. So check your references before you wreck your essay. Save your research or take notes so that when you are writing your essay you have everything in one place. Messy plans and research cannot have a good outcome.

The Introduction:

The pre-essay-writing-planning is done now and you are finally ready to actually start your essay. The first thing you should pay attention to is the introduction. The introduction can either make or break your whole essay. Like any other form of literature that you have ever read, you must know that an introduction to your essay should be catchy and interesting. It should reel the reader immediately. There are many ways to make your introduction interesting. It is not necessary to start with a quote or dialogue. Your introduction can be simple yet unique. It should explain what your essay will be about in a brilliant manner. Do not write in a mainstream, boring way. Do not put too much information in the first paragraph. The reader will lose interest immediately if too much information is being given right at the start of the essay. You must build up from a basic level and then get to the main point eventually. We have observed that many students find it easier to write their whole essay first and then write the introduction. This may seem like a bizarre idea but if you are in a pickle and cannot think of a good introduction then try this. It can make your work easier. After you have finished your essay you will have the whole idea and then you can write a small introduction that compliments your essay.

The Body

We will not go into the details of what you should and should not include in the body of your essay to make it a good one. You probably already know that can essay should include all the relevant information yet should not be too lengthy. Just make sure you have properly divided your work into paragraphs. Do not mix up different thoughts and ideas and try to jam them into one paragraph. Make separate paragraphs for each idea that you want to add. So that your work is not jumbled up and does not confuse the reader.

Make your writing clear. If you have an idea, present it clearly. Now this presentation is not only in the way you put your idea but also in the literal way that is the way you write it. If you have to submit your assignment hand written, use a clean sheet of paper and a good pen. Try writing neatly. Readers or examiners hate it if work is untidy. You want the reader to go through and understand each word that you have written. If they miss something important just because of your bad writing then this can cost you your whole essay.

The Perfect Ending

Just like a proper introduction, you need to have a proper ending. The Conclusion. The conclusion is not necessarily a summary of your essay. It can be something completely new yet very effective in terms of the essay topic. Try to add something interesting that will keep the reader wondering for hours later. You can also show your writing abilities in a conclusion. Many students compare introduction writing with conclusion writing and to the surprise of most people, both the things have a lot in common. Both things need to be interesting and properly executed. A conclusion should present the gist of the whole essay. Do not make it abrupt or too lengthy. The transition from the body of the essay to the ending should be a smooth one. Let there be no bumps when a reader moves to the conclusion. Just remember that essay writing is a task that can be made easier if you follow all the steps we have mentioned above. Good luck and happy writing!

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Village Boy: A Journey

Village Boy: A Journey

Adrenaline rushed through my body as I aimed a bicycle kick into the goal post. The ball soared through the air, and flew straight into the goal post. “Beep!” sounded the referee’s whistle, which signaled the end of the soccer match. A roar emerged from the crowd stand, as the Vietnam supporters screamed their hearts out. Photographers started taking photos crazily. I could not believe it. I had actually broken the tiebreaker and scored Vietnam a spot in the finals of the Commonwealth Games! I was literally on cloud nine as my buddies ran over like wild horses to hug and congratulate me. They heaved me up on their shoulders as they galloped round the field, much to our supporters’ delight.

In the locker room, my team mates were still chatting about the soccer match like a bunch of excited little kids. Their discussion was immediately stopped as our soccer coach walked in, with a wide smile on his tanned face. “All of you did your very best, especially Baet Niam, so I will treat all of you to dinner!” my cheery coach announced. We erupted in hoots and cheers, and everyone clamored to change first. I gave a tired smile to my coach, who went out of the room. I picked up a clean towel and wiped my forehead, which was covered in grime and sweat. I stared at the dirty towel. It reminded me of the hard work that I had put in to join the Vietnam national soccer team. My mind whizzed back to the day that changed my life…

It was a normal day. I woke up at the crack of dawn. After splashing my sleepy face with cool water, I donned on boots and got ready to start work for the day. I sloshed into the wet and muddy paddy field and begun planting young rice seedlings into the ground. This went on till early afternoon, where I ate my lunch and attended school in the village. I loved school. My favorite subject was English, as I felt that it was a beautiful language. On this fateful day, our teacher introduced our class to the coach of the national soccer team of Vietnam. He led boys who were representing the under-21 national soccer team that was around my age to do community service in my village. The coach announced that they were going to teach us soccer. My heart skipped a beat as soccer was in my blood since a young age, since my neighbour taught me a few soccer stunts on his ball.

The coach then proceeded to show us some soccer tricks which I paid huge attention to. Thereafter, he distributed out soccer balls to everyone to practice. Soon after, the coach realized that I had some potential in soccer. That’s when he asked me, “Would you like to join our team? I’m sure with more training; you could be a soccer player someday.” My mouth went agape. Is this for real? “Y…y…yes sir, it had always been a dream for me to be a soccer player…” I stammered. That was the best day of my life. That golden question looped in my mind over and over again. A few weeks later, after all the arrangements made by my coach and my parents, and all the teary goodbyes, I was set to leave my village and enter the bustling city of Vietnam, Hanoi.

It was a cultural shock in Hanoi. All the noises and others kept me awake in my hostel till early hours which lasted for a few weeks. Luckily, my fellow team mates and coach helped me settle into the environment and also the training regimen. I did not expect such rigorous training, and at times, I wondered whether I made the right choice as I am not officially part of the group yet. However, my buddies supported me all the way and we were a tightly knitted group. After hard work for a year or so, on a sunny day, my coach came up to me. “After all the hard work, I’m sure you will be asking me whether you can make it to the team. My answer…” he paused, “Congrats. You are one of us now.”

I cried. This was the moment that I had waited for.

Poke. I jolt out of my thoughts. “Bro, do you want to eat? I’m hungry…” I hurriedly went to change and joined the chorus of laughter as we left for dinner.

Word count: 749

Essay by: Boh Duang Sey, Singapore

Date of Submission Essay:

Singapore Essay Competition 2017

Essay Writing Competition 2017:

Do you have a great idea for an essay? Is writing your passion? If yes, then we have some news that you’re going to love! Whether your style is that of the absent-minded scribbler or the meticulous jotter, we have a great opportunity for you to showcase your skills by participating in our essay writing competition.

Who Can Participate?

If you are a passionate writer in your student life (school/college/university), a teacher or any other interested party, you are welcome to send in your entry and take part in the best essay competition of the season.

We Have Gifts for All Essay Winners!

We know how much untapped talent there is out there. Just getting a chance to get you work published and be read by your peers is a huge reward for most budding writers. You’ll definitely be getting all of that, but in order to encourage you even more and inspire other writers who might still be hesitant about sending their work in, we are also giving away the following cash prizes:

  • 1st Prize: $550
  • 2nd Prize: $400
  • 3rd Prize: $250
  • 10 Special Prizes worth $100

So what are you waiting for, register now and send in your entry! And remember, there is no entry fee.

How Do Things Work?

  • You have to register yourself as an entrant before 29th December 2017.
  • If you are a teacher sponsoring your students, then you can select up to three essays from each level of academic grade: middle school, high school and college/university.
  • You can send in your entries till 30th December 2017. Once you have submitted your entry, you’ll get a notification mail from us in the first week of August.
  • Follow the idea brief and write your heart out on the given topic. You can select any theme, aspect or approach you like. It’s all about your thoughts and your expression.
  • Your essay must be up to 750 words.
  • English is the official language of the competition.
  • In case of plagiarism, you shall be immediately disqualified.
  • Once you have submitted your entry, you cannot send/publish it anywhere else.

Moreover, you consent to the terms and conditions and agree to abide by the decision of the judges as final.

Email to: SingaporeEssayWritingContest2017 @

Looking forward to some amazing reads!