Singapore, the Lion City

Singapore gained independence from Malaysia in 1965. It is an island located in the South-East Asia. A beautiful country which has developed at a fast pace, Singapore is one of the top tourist destinations. Singapore is a hub of different ethnicities and cultures. The people all live together under one flag and under one government. Singapore is successfully a multilingual state. Even though English is the official language of Singapore, there are many other languages used in the country. This one point shows how diverse the society of Singapore is. When Singapore was officially recognized as a separate nation on the world map, the people living there were not educated enough to compete at the international level. This is why the communication gap between the old and the young is very broad because the youngsters got top education and learned to speak English whereas the old did not get to learn as much. Singapore is perhaps the only country where more than 20 languages are spoken and recognized.

The different Ethnicities

From modest fishermen to world-class businessmen, the country of Singapore is a varied collection of cultures that join into an exclusive and interesting enriching mix. The country bears a miscellaneous legacy from Malaysia, China, India and Europe. This mixture has resulted in the formation of an amazing blend of customs and ways of life that highlight Singapore as one of the most tempting vacationer places in the Asia Pacific. Being a mixture of different ethnicities, Singapore is a country with no boundaries. This makes Singapore more attractive because you get to witness so many different lifestyles all in one place. Kampong Glam, Little India, and Chinatown are some of the distinguished regions that are a proof to Singapore's multicolored artistic environment. The general public thinks of them as one big nation made up of several small nations. Singapore's culture is marked as one of the richest cultures of the world. Not only in the monetary terms but also because it promotes lessons of tranquility, righteousness, and communal and spiritual synchronization. Cleanliness is a very important part of the society and equality for all is also encouraged. Everyone is treated fairly and life as a whole is taken as a gift.

Special Features of the Singapore Culture

Singapore is also famous for its special cuisine. The home beloved is a salad dish called Rojak. It is made with a variety of ingredients. These include tastes picked from different cultures which are then covered with a characteristic Singaporean peanut sauce. Other famous candidates are Bak kut teh, Nasi lemak and Satay. In general, Singaporean cuisine presents Indian, Chinese, French, Thai, Spanish, Indonesian, Italian and Fusion food with an elevated pressure of seafood.

Many people wonder why Singapore is a country depicted with peace. This is because the Singaporean public follows a range of religions according to their tribal connection. Muslims, Catholics, Hindus, Buddhists as well as people of other orders live together happily.

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