Essay about Singapore National Day – Sample Essay

Essay about Singapore National Day


On the 9th of August in the year of 1965, Singapore was officially recognized as a separate country on the world map. It was a day of joy for many people as they had finally gained independence from Malaysia. So every year the month of August holds special importance for the people of Singapore. It does not matter if you are young or old, when August arrives in Singapore, everyone is happy.


It is a time of fun and joy and of honoring the scarifies of the people. The national colors of Singapore are red and white and so in this month you will see that all the buildings are adorned with lights shining bright with these colors. The entire country comes to life and individuals plan parties to celebrate the national day. Cakes and delicacies are ordered which add to the whole atmosphere.


As all other independence days, The National Day of Singapore is also planned ahead by the government and the ministries. The day is begun with an exceptional speech by the Prime Minister of Singapore. This is aired live on the local channels. The Prime Minister addresses the key success of the nation and thanks the public for their undying effort to make the country a better place to live in. The future projects are also discussed which clarify the goals of the government and the nation as a whole. After the morning address the people get to enjoy the National Day Parade. It is held at the Marina Bay since 2008.


The parade showcases the talent of the pilots and other performers. There are skydiving, singing and other fun activities which the children and the adults both can enjoy and be a part of. The parade also pays tribute to the armed members of the society including the national army, police and civil defense forces.


Famous political representatives are also part of the parade. Schools are chosen to send their students to march in the parade in uniforms. To end the night, there is a spectacular show of fireworks. This is done by different teams who gather at different places. The colors range from bright oranges to dark greens and pure reds.


The National Day of Singapore is a highly awaited holiday. People of Singapore belong from different backgrounds and cultures but this day brings them together.


The unity between the people is increased and they forget their differences and come together as one. That is what the National Day is about. It is to remind people that no matter what hardships they face, if they remain united they can conquer everything. Proper leadership can aid you to success and bring prosperity.