Essay about Singapore – Sample Essay

Location and History of Singapore

Singapore came into being in 1963. It is a country which is often referred to as the hub of all South Asian countries. It is an Island located in South East Asia and is one of the most spectacular places. The government of Singapore had to struggle hard in the early days because there was not much to work with. The people all belonged from different backgrounds and most of them were not educated.


There was a domestic market which had to be expanded in order for the country to survive. The official language was declared English later on and eventually things started to get better. Now Singapore is a top tourist destination. The education being provided is top notch and the people have grown from laborers to office workers doing white color jobs.

Life in Singapore

Life in Singapore is just like life on any other island. The people are extremely cooperative and nice. Being from different cultures and backgrounds, they know how it is to live together and welcome people from all around the world to visit their country.


If you visit the place you will find that it is full of activity, bright and is filled the beautiful smell of different kinds of foods. Singapore is most notable for its variety of food. You can find cuisines of any country, city or place. From Chinese to typical Indian food, Singapore offers it all. Even the local vendors who sell food on the corners of the streets add a mixture of spices which are simply to die for.


Once you are done with your shopping and are tired and just want to eat something good, you can buy anything from these vendors and get back your energy in no time. The country is filled with beautiful buildings and architecture which is a mixture of modern and traditional art. At night, Singapore is a sight to behold.

humans-of-singaporeThe lights are reflected in the river and the sky turns a bright red. The buildings are decorated with colorful lights which shine bright to give them a stunning overall look. The people who work all day long get to enjoy this nightlife and often spend dinner time in different restaurants.


The people are not always working. They have vacations at different times of the year and also enjoy the different local and international festivals that are being held throughout the year. If you cannot decide where to spend your next new years eve, then choose Singapore. The best fireworks display coupled with an awesome parade is all you need.

Weather in Singapore


Singapore has tropical climate as it has a rainforest. It is mostly warm and wet throughout the year. There are no set seasons. The humidity can be high and rain can fall whenever it wants to but this rain does not last for long periods and often refreshes the land.


The people have to dress according to the climate and so light cloth es are worn.