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What are Scholarships?

In the most basic terms, scholarships are fundamentally prizes of monetary support presented to exceptional students. This is given so that they can continue their education easily. Whenever you hear the word “Scholarships” you immediately think of all the benefits you will get but in reality there is so much more to a scholarship than just its obvious benefits. It is important to look at the whole package, so you know what you are dealing with. There are many things you should consider before finalizing a program and scholarship.

There are quite a few scholarships; these include merit-based scholarships. The merit based scholarships are given to those students who have superb academic, artistic or athletic achievements. Need-based scholarships are given to those students who have superior educational documentation but face disabilities or financial problems. Student-specific scholarships are given to justified candidates of a specific race. The college-specific scholarships are given to exceptional students of a particular educational institution. Career-specific scholarships are given to intelligent students who aim to follow their occupations in a particular division.

Scholarships in Singapore

There are different types of scholarships available in Singapore. They are given by a variety of institutes. These include government agencies, community and classified units, non-profit associations, and instructive establishments. The Health Promotion Board presents scholarships for local and out of the country undergraduate and postgraduate studies. In the local category there are further two types of scholarships. These are divided according to the time. There are mid-term scholarships and full term scholarships. There is a small distinction in these types. Full term scholarships are given before a student starts the degree while mid-term is given in between a degree course. For mid-term scholarships students’ results before they started university and during their university times are assessed. Whereas for full term scholarships students must have excellent results of their high school or any level before they start university. Students often worry that getting a full term scholarship is impossible because of the vast competition but what they do not know is that even if they cannot get a full term scholarship, they can always apply for mid-term scholarships and get them easily. Every university has its own set of criteria for scholarships. These criteria’s have to be met in order for the student to even be considered for the scholarship.

Things to Consider before Applying for a Scholarship

There are many things that you must keep in mind before applying for a scholarship. The first and foremost is to check if the scholarship is available for the degree course you have chosen. Some scholarships are not applicable to certain subjects so check before applying. Secondly, you must check for the value of the scholarship. Different scholarships have different monetary value. Some provide full scholarships which cover residence and other expenses. On the other hand some organizations give partial scholarships. These are the ones where part of the tuition fee is covered. Sometimes a monthly allowance is also given to help students cope with day to day expenses.

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