Governance in Singapore Model Essay


Singapore is a relatively small country which got independence in 1965. Being newly formed, it has done well for itself and has not made mistakes which have affected its economy in any way. The main contribution to this success is that of good governance in Singapore. Singapore has faced all the new challenges because its leaders have been hard working and cooperative. There are many different reasons as to why the governance of Singapore has excelled. One of the key factors to good governance is to foresee the needed amendments and stay up to date with everything that is going on in your country. The decisions that a government takes have to be long term and stable. The plans and policies that are being introduced should judge future consequences and should deal with them. A good leadership will never wait for a disaster to arrive to work on its solution. A good leadership would think of plans to stop the disaster from arriving in the first place. Another significant standard of fine authority is to guarantee that everyone is given equal right and no one is left without opportunities to excel. Singapore governance has made sure that countless opportunities are available for all citizens and that they play a vital role in the decision-making process of the country. These steps taken by the government have encouraged the people to work harder and increase the love for their country.

Examples of Good Governance in Singapore

NEWater was initiated in Singapore ahead of time and before the termination of the agreement between Singapore and Malaysia. This was a very good step as it let the Singaporeans to be free autonomous in obtaining new water supply. This in turn made certain that Singapore was not left defenseless to adjustment in other countries. By following these steps and this style of governance, Singapore will be able to compete in the international market.

In 2004, the government of Singapore conferred with the people on the subject of building a casino as part of the incorporated resort. The people responded according to what they thought was best. The government listened to the views and clarified the concerns that people had. This increased the popularity of the leaders and the Singaporeans felt a sense of belonging.

Future of Governance in Singapore

Before taking any significant steps a good government must realize the need for the country as a whole. The Singapore government has worked hard and is at a stage when they need to consider all factors before taking a significant step. Can they accept new projects and face the challenges of for example environmental concerns? To ensure economic development changes need to be anticipated and growth needs to be sustainable. The world is facing challenges of pollution and a recession is hitting the economies. In these circumstances, the Singapore government must think of the world population while also keeping their nationals safe and protected.

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