Singapore Education - Sample Essay:

Education as the Basis of Society

Education is very important for any society. The country of Singapore recognized this importance right after it gained independence in the 1960’s. It became one of the pillars of the society and led them to success and prosperity. Singapore is an island and so they do not have as many opportunities as other countries in terms of natural resources. The one benefit they do have is the hard working people that reside in the area. The people are not only hard working; they are also very kind and honest. They take education seriously as they know how their forefathers struggled to bring the country to where it is today.

Over the years the quality of education being provided has only improved. The schools and colleges are highly competitive and have made way in the international market for schools. The world has come to recognize Singapore as a place where one can get the top education while also experiencing living in a multi-cultural environment. The government of Singapore should be praised for this development as they have introduced reforms which make the education better. The government provides funds to both public and private schools. These vary in amount but a strict check is kept upon the usage of these funds, so they are never misused.


Singapore is a country which has people of different nationalities living there. The cultures and backgrounds of people differ in terms of where they actually migrated from. The language and religious beliefs of the people are also different. Seeing all the differences, it was hard to finalize a curriculum for the entire population to follow in schools and colleges. As English was declared the national language, the medium of education was also declared to be English.

In addition to learning English students are also taught in Malay, Mandarin or Tamil. Singapore is especially noted for its high standard teaching of Math and Sciences. It is ranked first across 140 countries in these subjects. Children with special needs are also catered for and they all have a safe environment to learn in. The foreign system schools are also kept under the check of the government and made sure that their standard is kept in line with the other schools. Homeschooling is also done but is not encouraged because at school level children should get the exposure of meeting and interacting with new people.


Singapore is probably most popular for its high-quality university education. Over the years it has developed into an international hub where international students come to gain knowledge. Singapore at present has five independent universities. They are the National University of Singapore (NUS), Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore Management University (SMU), Singapore University of Technology and Design (SUTD) and Singapore Institute of Technology. A graduate medical school, Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School Singapore, was also established through a joint venture between Duke University School of Medicine and NUS to boost Singapore’s aptitude to expand a lively biomedical center.

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