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Essay on Singapore Food

Different Cultures, Different Food

Singapore is a country which became everything from basically nothing. It was just a small trading port, but now it is an island which is one of the top tourist destinations of the world. The cultural multiplicity played a very important part in its development and growth. There are many different people of various nationalities living together and mixing their traditions to make the country one nation. The food of Singapore is one of the main features which show just how many different individuals live together. People belonging from the Chinese background, Indian background, Malay background and other western areas have their own foods but the values are the same. Everyone is treated with honor and dignity and no one is targeted for their tastes our styles. Food is not just for eating. It is also an international symbol for diversity with peace and freedom with unity. This symbolization of food in Singapore makes it a welcoming country and so people often visit this Lion City to have a good time.

Flavors and Styles

The method, taste and essence of preparing food are unique in Singapore. Every culture has its own way of cooking this food. The ingredients used also differ from each other and lastly the way this food is prepared is very different for each culture. Surveys have shown that people love trying all the different dishes offered in Singapore. Each of them has its own set of positives and every flavor is one that should be experienced. In the Indian restaurants you will find spicy and hot foods. While in the Chinese places you can get a variety of the typical Chinese dishes. Sweet foods of Singapore are also very popular around the world. It is worth mentioning that Singaporean food is one of the most discussed foods on the internet. People who try it for the first time blog about its flavor and aroma. Food brings the community together. It eliminates any racial differences and gives a chance to the individuals to actually learn about the different cultures.

Food and Economy

Singaporean food has played a major part in the economy of the country. Not only in the fact that half of the tourist population is attracted to the country just because of the exceptional food but also in the fact that many Multi-national food chains have invested in the country because of its diversity. Consuming food is an essential requirement. The government has been working on ways to reduce the cost of production of this food so that general public can afford it too. Every citizen should get an opportunity to taste the different flavors of their country. The government should be praised here because it offers many discounts and vouchers to the people who are not financially strong. The government believes that food is one thing that should not be denied to anybody. However in the future, the government must come up with ways like subsidizing the food production and reducing the indirect taxes on certain food items so that the prices do not keep on increasing.

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