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Singapore Healthcare Essay

When it comes to deciding about the healthcare provision in any country, the first and the foremost thing that comes to mind is who is responsible for managing it? An individual, the government or the society?
In Singapore, every individual plays a significant role in the administration of healthcare as self-sufficiency has turned out to be more significant due to the changing health services aiming to meet the growing demands of the elderly population. People have started to adopt a healthy lifestyle to counter the growing cost of health services. They tend to indulge in regular exercises and are encouraged to go to health screening programs so that diseases can be detected earlier. Therefore, regular exercise and healthy eating habits are strongly encouraged in Singapore.

The government also plays an imperative part in running health-related facilities in Singapore. It has introduced a system of co-payment in which people pay a fraction of the total charge through the Medisave and Medishield system while the government pays the remainder. These and such other subsidies are an important part of government spending on healthcare services.

The society is another essential part of managing healthcare in Singapore. Charity organizations work by the grants given to them to run public hospitals, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.

However, a major concern when it comes to the provision of healthcare in Singapore is the ever rising costs. The people of Singapore believe that this is mainly attributed to the aging population and their enlarged exposure to health issues and diseases. This has led to more medicinal checkups. This in turn has led to a significant increase in the cost of providing medical and health care services. An additional reason that a large majority of people give for the rising in medical costs is inflation. Inflation is a generalized increase in the prices of goods and services of a country for a given period, usually one year. When this happens, the costs of health care tend to rise. This is mainly because of the increased wages paid to the workforce working in the healthcare sector and related industries. This leads to the costs of medication, drugs, health insurance services and the doctor’s fee to increase significantly.

Singapore's focus on the philosophy that avoidance is better than treatment helps them to manage the problem of rising healthcare costs. The government encourages its population to lessen their requirement of searching for medical support and therefore decreasing the expenditure on such services by a very large amount.

However, with increasing pressures of this fast paced world and the birth of problems like the stress of supporting and keeping a family, people have started to become ill such that doctors are not able to identify the cause of their sickness. Therefore, Singapore needs to work on and develop strategies to counter such non-health problems to reduce the extra expenditure and further assist its growing population.

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