Singapore Nation Building Essay


Singapore is a country located in the South-East Asia. It got independence in 1965 and has since developed into a country of great wealth and business. The approach it took to build its nation was the same as many other Asian countries. Most of the countries had been colonies in the past and their independence came when they were freed from the British rule. Of course there was a sense of freedom that was felt by the people but in general, they did not know what to do now that they had no rulers. There was no revolutionary fight and they pretty much continued with their way of life. It was the new governments that guided them. In Singapore, the political leaders had to formulate a whole new identity for the people so that they understood that things would be different now, that they were a nation united under the colors of white and red. Singapore’s history before independence was not a very rich one. And immediately after independence, it was noted that the country was full of Chinese and to implement the Chinese way of governing meant to face communism which was worse. The government was established, and new laws and rules came into being.


The nation building is dealt with in two ways now. The first one concerns the use of resources and other material items to run and control the country. The second one is concerned with the development of a joint identity for the individuals to make them united. They can relate more to the Singapore nation now rather than to their backgrounds or to their unique ethnicities. This approach to dealing with nation building has proven to be very successful because the people run the country. Without the people, there would be no nation. Brining the people together should be the aim of the government and the Singapore government recognized just that. The citizens feel protected and safe in their country now and know that they have and continue to play an important role in the success of the country. The government has introduced reforms which have increased foreign investment. This has made the economy stronger. People have a variety of jobs which they can do and most of the population is educated and skilled.


Singapore is country with a developed economy. What it needs now is to build its nation further by reducing the small racial issues. The problem of different religions can grow in the future and to safeguard each religion is the states job. The government should start working on ways to stop any ethnic issues from arising. Another problem that can affect the nation building in Singapore is the increasing amounts of immigrants. These immigrant people do not have any shared history with the locals and the language barrier can cause trouble. To overcome this issue, the government can establish special classes where the immigrants are taught the main language spoken in Singapore and the ways of the society.

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