Singapore Zoo Essay - The History

img_0113-singapore-zoo-safari-run-2012-zoo-map1The zoo is a place where you can find animals belonging from different parts of the world. In Singapore, there were many different zoos, but they were all small and could not run for a long period. They were located in different parts of the country.

Singapore Zoo PicThe Singapore Zoo came into being in 1973. It was long overdue and luckily opened right on time. At the time of its establishment, the zoo had over 270 animals belonging from 72 different species. It was a rare sight for the Nationals as well as the international visitors who had not witnessed such a spectacular zoo before. The zoo was run by a 130 member staff that made sure that everything was up to the mark and the animals were given proper care.

By the late 1900’s the zoo housed over 1600 animals from 160 different species. These animals were brought in from different countries and areas from around the world. In 2000, the zoo was reconstructed to add more attractions and facilities for the animals as well as the visitors. This increased the revenue and since then the zoo has witnessed a gradual up rise in its demand.

Types of Animals

From different types of monkeys to a variety of wild cats, you can find any animal in the Singapore Zoo. The administration has made sure to make the zoo an environmental friendly place for the animals to live in. The animals are kept in big areas designed according to their habitats. They are separated by water and dry moats to keep the visitors away.

Singapore Zoo PicAs the zoo is a large land, the animals are not confined to one place. They have the privilege to roam around when the visitors leave. You can travel around in the zoo on different means of transport. You can even get horse rides to get to your desired place. Singapore Zoo has the most orangutans living in it in the world. It is not surprising to know that different Doctors often come to stay in the zoo to study these orangutans as they are kept so well and brought up by the best trainers. In the past years, there have been a few incidents where the animals got out of the zoo but they were quickly taken care of.

Events and Shows

Perhaps the most interesting thing about the Singapore Zoo is the different shows it holds for its spectators. Breakfast with an Orangutan is the most liked show. In this, the visitors get to interact with the orangutans.

The zookeepers take charge of explaining the lives of the orangutans to the people who listen keenly and also get to feed the animal. Elephants at Work and Play is another much-loved show, especially by the children. The elephants are guided by the trainees to do different tasks like picking up logs etc. Children get to learn a lot about these animals through a fun way.

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