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When we write a dissertation, we have to write a literature review with it. This literature review is very important. As it helps the reader to understand academic articles and journals you have used in your study. Not just for that, you can get a better idea about the literature as well once you have reviewed it. You will know the in depth meaning of the different studies you have used to support your claim. You can also understand the limitations of these studies.

What is a Literature Review?

A literature review will be all about the literature alone. In a dissertation, you might have used many different articles. Some are only used for reference while others are taken because they are very related to your study. For this purpose, you need to know which articles to talk about. A literature review will help you to identify the main articles. Hence the reader will also understand the main idea of the study. The dissertation can be better understood when the minor details are eliminated.

Writing a Literature Review with Professional Help

A literature review is not different from the actual study. You just have to evaluate and analyze it according to your thinking and according to your relation with it. There are so many studies which make use of the same articles. It is in the literature review that you highlight the significance to your particular dissertation.

Step-by-step Guide to write a Literature Review?

There are a few steps you have to follow to make your literature review better. These are:

  • Make sure you select the main articles and journals you have used in your study only. You cannot talk about the minor or unimportant ones because that will just use up more space. You do not have the time or the space to write about anything extra.
  • Relate all your articles and journals to the topic of your dissertation. This is another important step, if you miss this, your whole literature review will be wrong. The literature review in a dissertation cannot be general in any way. It has to be specific.
  • There are some reviewing techniques that you can find online easily. You should use these techniques to better identify the structure. The structure for every literature review is different. Depending on the kind of information you are presenting and your won point of view.
  • Start taking notes the moment you have identified the points. You cannot keep these points in mind. You will forget them. So, it is much better to write them down and then elaborate them later on. These notes can be anything. They do not have to specify yet. You can edit them later on.
  • In the end, make sure your literature has a proper flow to it. It should not be very brief nor should it be too long.

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