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Dissertation is an important part of your college and university. It is the writing that will determine whether you get a degree or not. While there are other things to keep in mind while writing a dissertation. The one main thing is the methodology you will use in your work. Every topic has its own needs. A methodology should fulfill these needs and should be very accurate.

What is the Methodology?

The methodology of the dissertation is the approach to used the information you have. In this part of dissertation you need to answer why you choose this one specific methodology. This will help the reader to understand your work more clearly and in a better way. There are many things that make up a methodology. Other than the basic approach you are using. you can also have to keep in mind the reason, why you have chosen this approach? how it has helped you specifically.

What approach should I take - Qualitative or Quantitative?

There are two main approaches. You can take when you are writing the methodology of your dissertation. One is the qualitative approach and the other is the quantitative approach.

a. Qualitative Approach in Dissertation Writing:

The qualitative approach is where you need to collect information in detail. You have to talk about the who and the what and the why. This is a much-detailed approach. Many people who are good writers tend to opt for this approach. They feel they can write better and hence explain their result.

b. Quantitative Approach in Dissertation Writing:

The second approach is the quantitative one. Here, as the name suggests, you have to focus on the quantities. The numbers you obtain in your results need to be specific and accurate. This approach is used by those people who are good in calculating. They can determine the results easily and then explain them to the people who do not understand them.

How to Structure the Methodology Chapter

Like every chapter in a dissertation, the methodology chapter needs to structure properly. There should be different sections in your chapter. The first one is the philosophy section. This will deal with the philosophy used in your dissertation. Every method you have used has its own philosophy which should be clearly explained. The second section is where you describe your approach in detail. Talk about the methods and answer the basic questions of. Why were these methods more suitable to your topic?

Methodology - Dos and Don’ts-Dos

Dos - Prefer in Methodology

  • Always take help from your supervisor when you are writing about the methodology. They will be better able to guide you into what to include and what not to include in your writing. They know each and every detail about every method. It is wise to listen to them.
  • Use those methods which you can justify in the end. If you are using methods which do not have clear results. You will be helpless when you have to explain them in detail.
  • Research on each method you include. You may think you have the whole method figured out but that is not true. There might be some important things you are skipping.

Don’ts - Avoid in Methodology

  • Do not write about the good things only. Mention the negative points as well.
  • Do not use figures in this chapter. It is always better to go into the details.
  • Do not reuse the previous information. Add new things to this chapter that will help the reader to better understand your approach.
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