The Formation and Growth of Kaplan Singapore :

Kaplan Singapore is a division of one of the world's major schooling corporations, Kaplan, Inc. Kaplan gives educational and occupational facilities for individuals, schools and businesses, looking after over 1 million students per annum from just about 500 places around the world.

Kaplan recognized its trail in Singapore, its initial start in the Asia Pacific area, with the attainment of The Financial Training Company in February 2003 and the Asia Pacific Management Institute in May 2005. It worked hard and saw the need to make the most of the rising requirement for specialized and postgraduate education in Asia.

Kaplan Singapore has close affiliations with University and teaching associates to supply a variety of high-class worldwide documented credentials with a precise position of typical working measures to guarantee excellent service. Kaplan Singapore, with Kaplan Higher Education and Kaplan Learning Institute, are receivers of the Singapore Quality Class Award for Private Education Organizations.

Along with this, Kaplan Higher Education was one of the first private education organizations to be prized with the ISO 9001 certification. Kaplan Financial, a subdivision of Kaplan Learning Institute, has also been documented as Singapore's first Platinum Approved Provider, the chief point of appreciation that ACCA awards to its tuition providers.

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