Writing a Great Personal Statement

What do you put in a Personal Statement?

As the name suggests, a personal statement is supposed to be about you. It has to be personal and not general. A personal statement should talk about your goals and ambitions. For example, if you want to pursue your degree in psychology, you must write about why this subject interests you personally. Does it have any importance in your life? This will reflect so much about your personality and that is what the reader wants in a personal statement. They want to know about you and your choices. Write about your past and how it has shaped you and how it has compelled you to choose this college and this particular program. A personal statement is in a way like an admission essay but it is more about you then the college. Try to focus on your attitude and you as a human being.

How long is a Personal Statement Supposed to be?

A personal statement should not be very lengthy nor should it be very short. It should have all the points explained in a very comprehensive manner. Most of the times, the personal statements are about 800 words long. This is a good enough length but if you think you want to write more, you can add a hundred extra words.

In different colleges and universities, they specify the length of the personal statement so do not be too worried about it. You will know exactly how much to write. The length does not matter much as long as your work is proper and interesting. Make sure you do check with the admissions office if there is any confusion regarding the length. They will guide you and then you can edit your personal statement accordingly.

What is a Supporting Statement for a Job?

A supporting statement for a job is an extra document that you have to send when you apply to a job. It should contain the details of your previous experiences and how they have shaped you into the person you are now. Take a supporting statement as a chance to talk openly about yourself and really sell yourself to the employer. You can talk about why hiring you would be a good thing and why you are the right person for the particular job. It is always better to write your supporting statement while keeping your CV in front of you. You will know what to focus on.

How long does a Personal statement for College have to be?

The personal statement can vary from college to college. Sometimes more information is asked for while other times less is sufficient. It all depends on how much you want to write and how good you are in expressing yourself. Do not be worried about the length. If your content is good enough, you will be selected no matter the size of your work. If your content is full of errors, you might face issues that are greater than the length of your work.

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