How to Choose a Topic for a PhD Thesis

Thesis Topics

When it comes to choosing a thesis topic, the scope of possibilities can seem overwhelming. To guide you in determining your focus, first think about what genuinely interests you. The process of writing your thesis will be much more enjoyable and the end product more successful if you care about the subject. Once you have a general idea or area of interest, do some brainstorming or conduct Internet research for thesis topic ideas or examples of topics to narrow the focus.

Don’t forget that there are people in place to help you in choosing your thesis topic. Your professors and advisors should be familiar with your academic background and can help you select a topic that will move you forward in attaining your academic and career goals. They have experience in what makes a successful thesis and are also one source of knowledge about what has already been done in the past. And that is another consideration for a thesis topic – try to bring something new to the field. Look at an issue from a new angle, conduct original research or take a creative approach to proving (or disproving) a theory.

Many examples of topics can be found with just a bit of research. Reading about other thesis topic ideas is one way to get your mind working on formulating an idea for your own thesis. Some examples in different fields of study might include:

  • Marketing – a study of a successful start-up business
  • English literature – a review of how culture, language and literature are interrelated
  • Computer science – creating a new and innovative program or business application
  • Psychology – finding a new angle to explore in the nature/nurture debate.
The possibilities go on and on, but choose your focus and direction thoughtfully and state it clearly in a thesis statement, and you are on your way to success.
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