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  • TO CRITIQUE AN ARTICLE IS TO KNOW THE MEANING OF WRITING. Not everyone has this ability. Even if you are a good writer, you might not be a good critique. But this does not mean that you cannot learn how to evaluate articles. There are certain points that come under critical evaluation that you need to take care of. Evaluating an article needs to be with an open mind. You have to accept that your ideas and the writer’s ideas might not be similar. You also need to make sure you have time to spend on reading the article many times before you start evaluating it.
  • CRITICALLY EVALUATING SOMEONE ELSE’S WORK CAN BE A TOUGH TASK. Many times students feel like they cannot do this work because the information being presented in the article is quite difficult to understand. This is another problem that you can only overcome with experience. You should always keep a dictionary with you before you sit down to critique the article. Ignoring the difficult words will not benefit you in any way. You should make an attempt to understand them. Similarly keep reference books with you to compare the facts and figures. When you are clear about all the information you can evaluate it properly.
  • ANOTHER THING TO ALWAYS KEEP IN MIND IS THAT ARTICLE EVALUATING IS TIME CONSUMING.You need to clear your schedule when you know you have to perform this task. If you start this work and then you have to get up because of some other chore, you will lose concentration and your evaluation can be affected. This can damage the work you have done so far and you might even have to start again. It is better if you evaluate the article in one sitting. Then take a break. Go through the article and evaluation once more before submitting the final draft.
  • IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS SERVICE, TAKE HELP FROM SOMEONE. It is okay to learn first from an experienced person than to experiment. You will get a lot of tips and tricks from these experienced people which you can employ once you are evaluating the article yourself. Learning is a process that should never be stopped. This exchange of ideas makes you a better critical evaluator. Critical evaluation is also something that can and will get better with time. Soon you will notice your points becoming clearer and the article writer will truly be able to benefit from your evaluation of his or her work.
  • YOU CAN FIND MANY EXAMPLES OF CRITICALLY EVALUATED ARTICLES ON THE INTERNET. Take time out and read these evaluations. There is a certain structure that is followed and used by all these critical evaluators. Try to understand this structure and then copy it in your own work. You will notice a difference immediately. Your work will become more professional and easy to understand. If you are really interested in becoming a good article judge you will use your time and your resources in improving this art. It might be difficult in the beginning but with dedication you will become successful.
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