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How to Write an Abstract for Your Thesis or Dissertation?

An abstract for a thesis and dissertation is written so that the reader can get the overall idea about what your study will be about. This is a very important piece of document and should not be taken lightly. There are some things you should know about writing an abstract. The size and structure of your abstract should be inline with the official size and structure as declared by the leading bodies. This means that the words should be greater than 100 but less than 300.

The structure should be the same as the structure of the dissertation. The number of chapters in the dissertations should be coped in the dissertation. The main thing to remember is that you have to clearly write your research questions.

Many students ignore this because they say they have already written these in the dissertation. This is an important step. Writing the results in the abstract is also vital. The reader should know the overview of the whole study when they read the abstract.

Writing a Dissertation Abstract for a Job Application

If you are looking for a job in the teaching sector in Singapore. You must prepare your dissertation abstract. If you already have one written, you can use that but you will have to change it a bit. A dissertation abstract is usually a formal document that is about the complete dissertation.

However, the one that you need for your job application should be about the main content only. It should not be about the whole dissertation. The best idea is to change your abstract according to the need for the job. Depending on the college you are applying to and to the degree you want to teach.

It is always a good idea to make the things related to the job much more important. You can edit your already written abstract. Make sure you do keep the main things the same because in the interview you might have to justify your abstract.

Do and Don’ts in Abstract:

For every piece of writing there are some rules and regulations that should be kept in mind. If you divert from these rules and regulations, you will notice your work getting out of track. For a dissertation abstract, this will have great consequences so make sure you do not get out of tune. The flow of the work also depends on these rules.

The Don’ts of the dissertation abstract are:

  • Do not over think things when you are writing the abstract. It is a simple piece of writing which depends on the main dissertation. You should use your dissertation when writing the abstract.
  • Do not go beyond the word limit specified to you. If you think you have written a lot, edit your work and read it again and again. You can make a long sentence short easily.

The Do’s of the dissertation abstract are:

  • Do highlight the main things of your dissertation that make it stand out from the other studies. The reader will want to read on further when he or she learns that your dissertation is not like the other writings.
  • Do try to get your abstract read from a professional before submitting it. They can help you make it more clear and comprehensive.
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