Writing an Effective Discussion Chapter

A discussion chapter is a chapter which covers the details of the points you write in your paper. A discussion chapter should in no way be full of details that are not related to your topic. Discussing a topic has to be done in a certain frame. So, it is always better to write down the rough draft for this chapter. An effective discussion chapter will not have any extra details. It will be focused. But many good writers cannot achieve this in their first try. If you have the points in front of you that you want to include in your discussion chapter, you will not divert from the real thing.

What is the Purpose of Discussion Chapter?

Anything can be made better if you know why you are writing it. Similarly finding the reason behind writing the discussion chapter is very important. Basically, a discussion chapter is written so that you may be able to express your opinions. It is all about you. Many topics have various interpretations. What one person thinks about it may not be the same as what someone else thinks about it. That is why this chapter gives you the opportunity to express your views.

Organize your Ideas

We all have many ideas and thoughts which we want to express when given the chance. For an effective discussion chapter, always organize your thoughts and ideas before writing them down. This will add flow to your writing which you might be lacking otherwise. Even if you are a good writer, you might find yourself in a bit of a frenzy when you are writing this chapter. You will feel that the point you have already discussed, still has a few things you want to add. This is why it is better to gather your thoughts first and then to write a final draft.

Do not write Extra Details

When students are given a discussion chapter to write. They usually end up writing pages and pages. This is not required. The purpose of a discussion chapter is not to write unnecessary details. It is to express your opinions in the shortest manner possible. That is why many professors have separate marks for the length of the work. You have to explain your ideas using less words. You need to defend your answers but by making sure your logic is intact. The words should be properly used.

Side issues

Another important thing to keep in mind while writing a discussion chapter is to make sure you do not focus on the side issues much. Stick to the main topic. There is no need to add irrelevant information. As this will confuse the reader and divert their attention from the main objective.

Another thing to keep in mind while writing this chapter is to believe you can do this and to believe that what you are writing will make sense. Many students do not have the confidence for this chapter and they think it is all wrong. Confidence is the key to becoming a good writer.

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