Dissertation/Thesis - Introduction Chapter:

Dissertation is a piece of writing that is rather long and full of research. It is the final document that will help you get a degree. This is not something that will be written in few hours. You have to spend lot of days on it to make it perfect and presentable.

a. Get Help to Write introduction Chapter of a Dissertation:

The one thing that you can do to make your work easier is to write an excellent introduction chapter. If you manage to do this, you can definitely score high. There are some things you should remember when writing an introductory dissertation chapter.

The introduction chapter needs to start the study. It has to be written in a way, that you know exactly. Why did you want to do this study? or how has it helped you to get the results that you achieved? This is why, before you start writing your dissertation, clear everything in your mind. There can be no confusions when you are writing the introductory chapter.

Another thing to do in this chapter is to highlight the significance of the study. The significance of the study will help the reader to understand the purpose of the study too. This study has helped you and will help others- you need to talk about this in your introduction chapter.

You should also give an overview of the research methods you have used in your study. Make sure you do not go into too many details because there is a separate chapter for that. A basic idea is good enough for the introduction chapter.

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