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The dissertation result section is the easiest to write according to many experienced people. This section is uncomplicated because it is not something you have to figure out. It is something that you need to find out. And you can find this out after you have conducted your whole research.

The main purpose of the dissertation is to reach a conclusion and that conclusion is actually the results. The dissertation results are to the point yet very well written and explained. The main thing you need to remember here is that this section is not for interpreting the results. It is for stating them only. You are not supposed to go in the evaluation of the results. You have to state your findings without going into too much detail.

When we have a result that two things are not connected at all in any way, we can write this in the dissertation results section. But when it comes to explaining why this is so, you cannot go into any more detail. The ‘why’ must be answered in the discussion chapter of the dissertation. It is better to hold back the details because sometimes when too much detail of a result is given, the real meaning behind it and the real result is lost. This completely destroys the whole concept of a dissertation result chapter and hence your dissertation is not perfect. To avoid these mistakes, make sure you check your work again and know that things are clear to you and for the reader.

We know that the result section is where we put the main information that is, the results. These cannot be changed at all and that is what makes writing this section tough. You have to make sure you are not copying anything wrongly. You need to recheck your work again and again. The dissertation results should be presented in a logical manner and in sequence. The presentation in writing any chapter of a dissertation is of vital importance. If the presentation is not right, the reader will not be able to understand the meaning of the chapter. A good presentation will have the important results written before the unimportant ones. There will be a sequence to them.

You can either write the longer results before. Then write the shorter ones or you can write the dissertation results that you found earlier before writing the ones that you found later. This all depends on the nature of your study and on how you want to present it. When you are researching on your dissertation topic, you will come across many different results. While all of these will be relevant to your study, you need to prioritize on what to include and what not to include. You cannot go into a lot of detail by writing about each and every result. Write the main things first and then add the minor ones. Once you have written this section, go through your whole dissertation again. This will give you a clear idea about the relation between the research question and the answer.

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