Short Essay on Singapore National Day:

It is a time of great anticipation for every Singaporean national, as they eagerly await the upcoming Golden Jubilee of their beloved homeland. The big 50 is coming up and arrangements are in full flow. The entire country is alive with the celebratory planning for the 50th National Day of Singapore, which will be celebrated on the 9th of August.

For young and old alike, the month of August has always heralded a time of great pride and joy and the country is awash in the national colours of red and white. This year, however, the auspicious occasion shall mark the completion of 50 years of independence from Malaysia back in 1965.

The National Day holiday is marked by an address from the Prime Minister of Singapore, – currently Mr. Lee Hsien Loong – a glorious display of fireworks and the splendidly patriotic National Day Parade, held at the Marina Bay since 2008. The parade is preceded by sky diving, choir performances and other fun, audience-interactive activities for both children and adults.

The parade showcases members of the Singapore Armed, Police and Civil Defence Forces along with political and business representatives. Students also march in uniformed groups including Scouts, Girl Guides and diverse Cadet Corps. Another remarkable feature is the Kallang Roar – a wave-like movement orchestrated in the National Stadium to enliven any momentous national occasion.

This year, the festivities are going to be on a different scale all together in honour of the Golden Jubilee, with people clamouring for a ticket to the grand show.

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