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What are the areas of specialization of Best Essay Writing and who writes these papers?

At Best Essay Writing, we strive to provide professional and original quality in paper writing at low and affordable prices. We are a group of retired professors and ex-faculty members from leading ivy-league universities. None of us holds less than a PhD. We are committed to helping students with writing and rewriting at reasonable prices. Most of these professors are also our good friends thus they put in 100% effort into helping us succeed. The quality of every paper is excellent, however, this still does not guarantee any type of grade. Our highly qualified PhD writers who will be writing your research papers, purely based on your guidelines. Thus, you will get custom written research papers which will be like no other!

I am afraid about plagiarized?

Our all papers come with a 100% money back guarantee. You prove the term paper is plagiarized and we give you a complete refund. NO QUESTION ASKED!.

I am a UK-based student. Can you manage to write an essay for me in British English?

We sure can! No matter what your geographic location, Best Essay Writing writers can accommodate all the cultural and lingual requirements of your particular region. In addition to US-based students, we have also written essays for students from Canada, the UK, Australia, Sweden, Switzerland, etc.

What grade can i expect using your paper as reference material?

When our customers return for more help they tell us that they have used our work as a guide and reference material in writing their own work, for which they got excellent grades. We do not guarantee any grade because our work is to be used as a guide and as reference material. In general, from listening to our happy clients, all of them received high grades and thus they keep returning to us semester after semester.

I have chosen a rather difficult topic for my paper and have particular research requirements. Can you handle my paper?

Yes we can! No matter how difficult your topic or how unique your research requirements, our writers are qualified enough to handle them. We provide a 100% money-back guarantee, in case we are unable to write an essay. We are this sure of our own efficiency and experience in paper writing.

In case I am not satisfied with my paper after its delivery, what should I do?

At Best Essay Writing, we aim at delivering 100% satisfaction to our customers. That's why we are ready to revise an order for free in case of a discrepancy from the original order specifications.

Will you make changes to my paper once i receive it ?

Yes, we will edit any paper as long as the client contacts us immediately upon receiving his or her paper. We give you 48 hours to look over your paper and then if you need any corrections, let us know via email and via a phone call. Once you do both, we will gladly handle any changes you require as long as it deals with the original assignment. Remember, you must contact us within a 24 hour period. Please note that we will never edit any paper that has been handed into your school.

How will I receive my paper?

You paper will be sent via email as a Microsoft Word attachment. If you cannot accept attachments in MS-Word then please let us know and we will send it out in the body of the email. If you cannot receive email then the paper can be faxed or express mailed to you home or office.

What happens if I don't receive my paper?

You will definitely receive your paper from us. We are in business to provide you with a quality written paper. However, it is possible that your email provider lost your paper or that the email address you provided to us is incorrect. Don't worry, just send us an email and we will resend your paper again to the same email address or to a different email address. The same idea applies to faxing and to postal mailing.

How much does the ESSAY OR TERM PAPER OR BOOK REPORT cost?

All papers available on this site are priced at a rate of $20.95 18.95 per page or lower regular delivery within 7 days, and $43.95 37.95 per page or lower for most urgent delivery within 24-hours. Following are the detailed price list:
Please click to see our price list.

Is it safe to use credit card at this site?

Our site uses SSL (Secure Socket Layer) technology. All transactions are securely transferred from your PC directly to our payment system which not only verifies and bills your credit card on the spot, but does not even allow us to view your credit card information.

How many pages can you write?

We have no page limit at all.


We deliver in any format that you require.

What style of writing is used?

Any style that you prefer.

Is it legal to buy a custom research paper?

To the best of our knowledge, Best Essay Writing is unaware of any legal authority which prohibits students from purchasing materials from a research service. However, it is your responsibility to investigate whether it is legal to use the services of this website in your city/state/province and country.

You are advised that plagiarism is prohibited. Plagiarism is defined as the "copying and publishing as one's own all or part of the copyrighted writing of another." Plagiarism, however, does not exist if work alleged to be copied is arrived at independently. Gilbert Law Summaries, 1994.

If your query is still unanswered, Feel free to forward your questions to us through our customer support center. Click here to proceed to the customer support center.

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