How to Write Lab Report Writing?

During the tenure of your academic career, you will come across numerous labs and lab reports. It can often be a very tricky task. What to include, what not to write, how to write it and how to format it, are just a few examples of questions that might pop up in your mind. So here are some tips that you should keep in mind when writing your lab report.

a. Title Page

Some professors prefer you having a proper title page for your report. If that is the case for you, be sure to include the title of your report, your name and the names of your group member and your professor’s name on the title page of your report. And also, do not forget to date your report on the day it was submitted!

b. Title

This should include, in a small paragraph, what it is that you have actually done. It is basically the gist of your entire report. Start with a heading and then go on to explain it in a little detail.

c. Introduction / Purpose

Write a one paragraph introduction to explain the objectives and purposes of your report. Tell what it is that you plan to achieve via this report and how it is that you plan to achieve it. Give a little bit of background, your hypothesis and a brief description of your findings. And then give a small conclusion that befits your reports.

d. Materials

Tell about the different things you used to conduct the experiment.

e. Methods

Briefly describe the procedure of your experiment. The steps that went into making it successful. Give directions as to what you did to make your experiment happen. If needed, draw a diagram to explain yourself.

f. Data

If you have obtained any numerical data while conducting the experiment, include it is a nice table. Just little interpretations along with it to explain it to the reader.

g. Results

h. Discussion or Analysis

Analyze your findings. Tell the reader what you had anticipated and how your findings are similar or different to your ideas. Explain what you have found out and compare it with previous reports and researches to give a strong finish.

i. Conclusions

Sum up your entire report in a few lines under the inclusion section. Tell the reader if you have accepted or rejected your hypothesis, the difficulties you faced and what the entire research was about.

j. Figures & Graphs

In the end, include all the necessary facts and figures labelled properly if your professor what to revisit them.

k. References

If you have included certain things from researches conducted by other people, be sure to cite them in your report. At the end of your report, add the reference heading and put references in your document.

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