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i. PPT Presentation for Academic Need:

The first thing you need to do is to select a topic for your PowerPoint presentation. In different courses and fields of study, there is an option from many different topics and you can choose anything that suits you best. However, many a times you will be given the topic beforehand. This is a good thing and a bad thing. It is good because now you do not have to go through the scores of topics available and analyze them to choose the best one. It is a bad thing because you are restricted to one topic now and have to present on it no matter what. Don’t think about it too much and just get to work.

Getting to work means you need to first prepare a complete outline of your presentation and speech. The speech will be a bit more detailed than the points you are writing in your presentation so make sure both these things go hand in hand. When you are done with the outline, you can add these details however you want to and structure your argument.

ii. PPT Presentation for Offices

A PowerPoint presentation is the most needed of skills in today’s world. If you want to present something in class or in your office, you just have to make a good presentation on this tool and you will do wonders. You need have the necessary material with you but more than that you need to have the skills to develop a PowerPoint presentation. Both of these things can be acquired in no time.

PowerPoint tips to improve your Presentation in 10 minutes

  • The first PowerPoint tip to improve your presentation in 10 minutes is to not overdo the animations you are using. This is the most widely seen problem when students or adults are making presentations. In trying to make their presentation better, they overdo things and the result is just a chaos of animations.
  • The second PowerPoint tip to improve your presentation in 10 minutes is to practice it beforehand. On the day that you have to present, you should be completely relaxed and should know every slide by heart.
  • The third PowerPoint tip to improve your presentation in 10 minutes is to follow a certain theme throughout the slides. In PowerPoint, you will find many themes. You can apply any one of these in your work and all the slides will follow it. If you want your won different theme, you can make one too. Another idea is to follow a color scheme in your presentation. This will not have the designs in it but the outcome can be very sophisticated and unique if you do it right.
  • The fourth PowerPoint tip to improve your presentation in 10 minutes is to make use of hand gestures while presenting. Even if you have done a very good job on your presentation, it will all go to waste if you do not present it will. The audience will only stay interested if you are using non-verbal skills to keep them attracted towards you and your presentation.
  • The fifth tip is to just stay calm and let the nerves go. You can do this.
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