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There are various ideas you can use in your statistics project to make it more comprehensive yet interesting. The first is that you can apply the concepts of data collection and make a webpage that explains the difficult statistical concepts. The idea behind this webpage is to aid the people who are new to the field in understanding these concepts. There should be no or very minimal use of Math or any high-level language. If you want, you can add links to different videos from all over the internet so the people can easily click on them and understand the concept with visual aid.

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The second idea that you can use for a statistics project is to build an online library which can be accessed by anyone. However, in this make sure that you add all the important statistics articles even if they are difficult to comprehend for new comers. This library will be for all those people who are proper statisticians and who often need works of great minds to add as reference in their papers. Such a project will not only help you in the future but will also be a huge success with the professionals.

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A new type of idea that you can use for your project would be analyze the online deals sites. There are so many online deals everyday related to many different things. These can be used to analyze how the general market will move on the particular day and which deal will sell when. This is a very interesting project and if you are a person who like to collect data on a daily basis and has good evaluation skills, you can do this work in no time. This will keep you active in your field and also help other people into deciding which deal to select.

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For people who do not like travelling a lot and who are more comfortable visiting places in their own city, this is the best idea for you. What you can do is that you can go around in your neighborhood and ask people a bunch of questions about how good the houses are and how easy it is to live in that particular neighborhood. This will give you detailed data and then you can analyze it to come up with ideas about which neighborhood is the best, which is the safest, which has the highest approval rate etc. Interacting with local people is easy and you probably would know more about this project and hence execute it in a proper manner.

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A last idea that can be used for a project is that you can make your own sports team using the data of the official players available online. If you want to take this a step further, create an online platform where students can sign up and make their own team based on the records and achievements of certain sports people. It can be a one sports platform or it can have different sports. That depends on you.

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