What Considered a Good Thesis in Singapore?

The interpretation of a good thesis can vary among different Singapore based universities. In your consideration, how to do a thesis proposal and thesis statement? remember the following:

A good thesis statement makes an assertion. If the thesis statement is bland or boring, the remainder of your paper will be unfocused. You need to make propose an idea that is interesting enough to make the reader sit up and take notice. He or she may not agree with your position, but at least it inspires thought. An example from a thesis on literature about A Tale of Two Cities might be “At what price? Sacrifice is an essential part of gaining happiness.” You can present examples from the novel and history, yet there is still room for discussion and differing opinions.

The thesis statement must be supported throughout the entire paper. The controlling point of the paper is that all the main points, paragraphs and sentences should support it and should not contradict it. During the thesis writing process, craft a sample thesis statement and as you write, check to be sure all your statements adhere to it. You may end up adjusting the thesis statement or other sentences.

Thesis Examples

A good thesis statement can be a preview of the structure of your paper. The reader will appreciate having an idea of what to expect. For example, you may state your claim and add something such as, “This has been proven throughout the history of man." We will look at four specific examples in four very different eras. Then, stick to your stated plan.

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