An overview of a course taught in CG Protege Animation School :

CG Protégé Animation School is a private organization based in Singapore. The School is a superiority supplier of attributed teaching programs documented by the Workforce Development Agency of Singapore. It offers a variety of programs such as diplomas in animation and so on. With a team of manufacturing veterans and trainers who have a winning pathway in grooming and preparing artists to unite the band of production-ready talents, past trainees have set up arrangements working on television and film projects for both local and international animation and visual effects studios. The focus is on talented people who will help better the industry.

In the first year of the WSQ Diploma in Animation, the programs focal point is on helping trainees construct their base in their chosen area of specialization (Visual Effects, Animation or Modeling/Texturing). The second year focuses on helping trainees increase production familiarity. During the second year, trainees are given CG Protégé and specific projects are assigned to students to simulate a real working environment. Meeting industrial work speed/rates is the focus of our training. This is to ensure trainees can produce quality work as well as work fast enough to meet the industrial needs. (During the attachment in School, no stipend will be provided).

Here are a few of our favorite ways to spend a snowy day on campus.

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