Formation of Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School :

The Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School was created by a planned visualization to construct a biomedical sciences center for Singapore. A medical education evaluation lead by Lord Oxburgh of England had confirmed that a graduate medical school teaching physician-scientists was an important element to make personnel that would be required for Singapore's biomedical financial system and healthcare requests. Duke University in the United States and the Government of Singapore signed an accord in 2005 to do this.

At first, there was significant uneasiness as to whether the novel school would do well or not. Loads of other educational ventures amid US universities and their Asian equals had required a great effort to work. Studying at Duke-NUS Graduate Medical School give you the chance to do something that would be significant and victorious. Duke-NUS is said to be a faultless guiding light of biomedical sciences research and medical education.

At Duke-NUS, the education deans and faculty uses the latest means of teaching found by excellent practices and science. Singapore and Duke faculty united and deconstructed the prospectus from Duke, modified it for Singapore and then applied the first segment of it by means of team learning. The in-class action focuses on guaranteeing understanding and deciphering problems contained by student teams assisted by faculty.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to spend a snowy day on campus.

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