One of the Pioneer Business School in Singapore:

ESSES Business School is known to be a pioneer of business education since its creation in 1907. It is known for its standing on high standards, producing some of the finest business graduates in the world. ESSEC is a research-based institution which has always tried to broadcast humanism, modernism, a sense of duty and quality through its education. ESSEC Asia-Pacific came into existence in Singapore in 2005.

Over 5,000 students have been a part of this campus. It attracts numerous academics due to its executive programs with Asian approaches and a Western outlook about business administration.

The school’s development strategy emphasizes on offering quality business education programs taught partially or fully in The Singapore campus strives to offer quality business education courses incorporated with research, technology and development programs. ESSEC Business School Singapore is best known for its masters programs in which students are taught using case studies based on Asian businesses in the areas of finance, marketing and business strategy. This enables them to get acquainted with issues arising in the real corporate world enabling to them learn about measures that can be used to prevent such problems. Its unique approach to business education helps ESSES Business School Asia-Pacific attract various students from all over the world.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to spend a snowy day on campus.

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