Overview of the Johns Hopkins Medicine Division of Biomedical Sciences Singapore :

Johns Hopkins Medicine Division of Biomedical Sciences was established by Johns Hopkins Medicine (JHM) and the Agency for Science, Technology and Research of Singapore. The shift symbolizes the first time JHM has produced such a jam-packed partition exterior to its initial University in Baltimore, Maryland.

The division comprises of 12 around the clock Johns Hopkins administration members to be allocated in Singapore to guide teaching and investigation plans paying attention to life science choices as immunology, cancer biology and experimental therapeutics. Johns Hopkins initially began its courses in Singapore in 1998. A global hunt for a manager to pilot the Hopkins undertaking in Singapore was under way.

Graduate teaching (Ph.D. programs) in essential and clinical exploration is being given to Singaporeans and Southeast Asian citizens. The Ph.D. schooling carried out in Singapore and Baltimore will escort to either a Hopkins Ph.D. or National University of Singapore (NUS) Ph.D. degree.

The new educational partition began functioning in the first section of 2004 at the same location of other A*STAR examination organizations and manufacturing corporations. Within two years, the plans bore fruit and an exceptional staff of 150 research professionals was recruited. A funding evaluation board was also made to keep a check on the division’s development and growth.

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