Information you must have about National Institute of Education :

The National Institute of Education (NIE) is the only university in Singapore that provides training programs for teachers. It is famous for its teacher preparation courses for the initial stages and providing life-long learning to existing teachers and school administrators. It has also conducted numerous researches in education. It’s Teachers’ Training College (TTC) came into existence on 1st March 1950 offering training for English-medium teachers and giving them a Certificate in Education.

It started with training only primary school teachers but later extended its program to instructing secondary school teachers as well. In April 1973, TTC was converted into the Institute of Education (IE), consisting of the school of professional studies, curriculum studies, technical studies and continuing studies. IE later became a self-governing institute that could award degrees and institute professorships.

National Institute of Education’s programs can be divided in two major categories: teacher education and undergraduate studies, and graduate studies and professional learning. The first one includes Postgraduate Diploma in Education, Undergraduate Degree Programs and Diploma Programs to help teachers teach effectively and efficiently in schools. The second one, on the other hand includes higher degree programs, leadership programs and professional development courses. For its contributions in the field of education, NIE received the inaugural Singapore Innovation Award in 2001.

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