An Overview of SMa School of Management :

SMa Institute of Higher Learning, also generally known as SMa School of Management is situated just contrary to the National Library at Bras Basah region. They give instructive diplomas and degrees for full time and part time students.  The courses offered are unique and a student gets to learn something new in each module. The services in SMa are however, quite inadequate, but classrooms and computer labs are forever obtainable and the administration has even made special study rooms for students to modify their work and work together in groups to solve problems. The library is of the highest standard with textbooks available for students to study from. All the programs have different admins who are responsible for the respective programs. They are welcoming and well-informed on the courses and all that you need to know about your studies. On a higher level comes the school administration. They make sure that all the rules are followed a keep a good discipline on campus. The management is constantly working on new ideas to improve campus life and provide the students with a good educational experience. SMa has proved to be an exceptional institute striving to provide the best on all levels of education.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to spend a snowy day on campus.

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