Why the Singapore Institute of Management is a Good Choice for YOU :

The Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) was established in 1964. It is an autonomous, specialized association with a foundation of close to 19,000 companies and persons. SIM has donated considerably to Singapore's individual resources expansion and has developed to turn out to be the lead administration and human resource enlargement organization in Singapore in the past 40 years. Their mission is to be the main campus of management and administration brilliance and to be personified to all-time education. They want to lead organization by the idea of leadership and be the favored tactical associate of corporations in capitalizing on return of individual assets. They also want to be the preference supplier of ongoing teaching to individuals. In the past they have proved to be one of the most trustworthy institutes and respective of all individual and teamwork activities. In the course of its joint venture with important abroad universities and institutions, SIM offers a complete series of higher-ranking managerial programs. The Singapore Institute of Management has an enrolment beyond 15,500. It yearly guides over 11,500 executives by giving about 500 discussion groups, workshops and meetings. Its entrenched consultancy services put forward complete instruction programs to aid corporations to attain success in a range of fields.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to spend a snowy day on campus.

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