The campus of Yale-NUS College :

Yale-NUS College is the first liberal arts college in Singapore. It presents four-year undergraduate degrees on a campus that incorporate education and livelihood. This a new establishment, made in cooperation with Yale University and the National University of Singapore. It promises to enroll equal to a thousand students. Next to NUS’s University Town, the Yale-NUS University grounds comprise of a middle campus green bordered by educational and managerial buildings in addition to three housing colleges, each set around its patio.

The housing colleges are vital to campus life, where students increase their communal and management abilities with benefiting from the support of “nested academic communities.” These groups of people are given place in vertically residential towers, which hold both student suites and faculty apartments. Floors are arranged into neighborhoods. Besides these residential towers, the colleges have their individual dining halls and butteries, the relaxed student-run eateries that are a Yale custom.

As an addition to the scholastic atmosphere, the colleges also have classrooms, group discussion rooms, faculty offices, and study spaces. To strengthen the diverse individuality of the residential colleges, the plan of the buildings inside each differs. Matching the customs of Yale with the traditions of Southeast Asia, the campus is planned in a modern way.

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