Important things to know about Curtin University Singapore :

Curtin University Singapore is a branch of the Curtin University in Western Australia. Intercontinental students at Curtin Singapore are be able to study for one or two trimesters or do their complete Bachelor or Master in a broad variety of fields. It is most famous for students who are interested in economics and want to get a degree of Bachelor of Commerce. Another one of its popular degrees is the Master of Logistics and Supply Chain Management, which students can obtain in one year.

Curtin University Singapore was made to assist students by providing inventive educational techniques, small class sizes and a brilliant scholastic standard. It provides the right to use contemporary services such as 40 tutorial rooms, ten classrooms, four computer labs, student sitting areas and WIFI on campus. The buildings of Curtin University are only ten minutes away from the Business District and present the learners with a secure and enjoyable study environment.

Curtin has been conveying its curriculum in Singapore from 1986. Things were made even better when in 2008 a new high-tech Curtin Singapore campus was established. A new broad choice of sports and enriching activities is now accessible to students in Singapore making Curtin one of the best choices for higher education.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to spend a snowy day on campus.

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