National University of Singapore:

National University of Singapore (NUS) is a primary international university located in Asia; it is Singapore’s main university. It gives importance to a worldwide methodology of education and research. It also concentrates on the Asian point of view and knowledge. It has 16 faculties and schools. The three campuses are situated in Kent Ridge, Bukit Timah and Outram. This supplies a multi-ethnic set of courses underlined by the best faculty. NUS' education consists of programs of student exchange, capitalist internships, and double degree and joint degree programs with some of the world's best universities.

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The educational understanding provides a rich learning experience for all students at the National University of Singapore. It has a lively housing facility for people with all types of varied interests. The miscellaneous public and artistic perceptions provided by these students help to make the environment more appealing.

The University also has three Research Centers of Excellence (RCE) and 22 university-level research institutes. These research platforms have produced some great scientists and inventors. The research activities are tactical and vigorous. The most important aspect of NUS’ popularity is its renowned investigation in the famous fields of science including engineering and life sciences.

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Here are a few of our favorite ways to spend a snowy day on campus.

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