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Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) is Singapore’s novel self-governing University of practical learning. It aspires to be an organizer in ground-breaking university schooling by incorporating knowledge, industry and society. It has a wide range of students attending classes from all over the world. Its varied curriculum helps it to compete with the top universities in Asia.

SIT presents degree programs that are molded carefully towards industry and pointed at growth sectors of the economy. Singapore has a strong economy and has different industries growing at an exceptional rate hence making the education provided at this university to be highly demanded.

As this is a university of applied learning and practical teaching, it adapts its degree programs to the requirements of the industry. Because it is a comparatively new University, Singapore Institute of Technology offers its functional degree programs with a unique skill that mixes work and study. It also offers specific degree programs in the joint venture with top-notch universities and the five home polytechnics. It intends to generate only the finest specialists all the way through its applied degree programs. Students in SIT will expand their knowledge and gain a solid academic basis through useful, concrete guidance.

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