Brief Introduction of the Temple University Singapore :

Temple University is the amalgamation of high quality and practical degree programs with an out of the world educational experience. Its Fox School of Business programs provide a link between the Human Resources department and Business School such that an opportunity is created to merge the knowledge of human capital research with entrepreneurial tactical philosophy.

Temple University is famous for its Executive Master in Business Administration and Master of Science in Human Resource Management in Singapore. Its executive MBA encourages you to be a part of important debates related to issues you may encounter when you are an executive. It trains you in management theories and researches that can direct you to making the right decisions for your organization. Temple University’s EMBA enable you to have access to all the knowledge that can immediately be applied in your practical life.

In Temple University, great emphasis is put on students developing their minds to become strategic intellectuals and inventive analytics. And it’s Master of Science in Human Resources Management program helps you become just that. This degree improves your knowledge of the tasks in an organization related to human resource (HR) and organizational management helping you become a better professional.

Here are a few of our favorite ways to spend a snowy day on campus.

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